A Time of Early Shadows

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Autumn is a time of early shadows as the season of summer passes over.

Scents of woodsmoke and compost fill the air.

Samhain is close.

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The Celts divided the year into two parts…the light and the dark.

Samhain is the crossover point into the dark.

Seamus Heaney wrote a wonderful collection of poetry entitled, “Into The Dark.”

One of my favourite reads at this time of the year.

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Poetry is like that…it can be turned over again and again, extracted from the past into the present and enjoyed afresh.

The turning of the year towards the light is heralded in the Feast of Bealtaine.

www.bealtainecottage.com 054Bealtaine also means, “May,” in Irish and is why I named this cottage Bealtaine Cottage…for it was in May I first spied it!

Bealtaine celebrates the beginning of summer as we turn towards the light and short shadows.

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In Ireland the Tribes gathered for Samhain, at the ritual centres across the land to celebrate this most important festival of the year.

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It was a time to reconnect with the past, a time of early shadows and light veils of separation.

A time of magic.


  1. lynnesgarden

    Each time I link to your blog from my email a new adventure awaits. This time a larger than life header and a lovely border frames the blog. I can only imagine how invigorating it is to stand by the bonfire on a cold winter night and celebrate the traditions of your ancient ancestors. Samhain blessings to you and all your followers. And blessings upon the Earth.

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    1. Thanks for you two emails Lynne…I read them all and appreciated the wisdom and thoughts therein. I am settled, for a while, on this website format…
      Blessings X

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Reblogged this on Bealtaine Cottage and commented:


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  3. ~Hi Colette!! It was such a pleasure to meet you and have you at our home. Was just reading your blog here…Samhain is just almost upon us once again…I do love this time of year..so much. I will have to look up Seamus Heaney. Safe journey…love and light Susan~


    1. Thanks Susan…it was great visiting with you…the vegan food was amazing!


  4. I love your pictures and words as always! For those of us who don’t quite know their “Irish”, how do you pronounce ‘Samhain’? I am much more aware of Beltaine than Samhain for some odd reason.


    1. Thanks!
      Samhain is pronounced sow-een. Otherwise known as Halloween.

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      1. Thanks, Colette! I love learning these things! 🙂


      2. That’s so interesting Colette! I like to think the two words have a connection. Talking about early shadows, I know when the chickens have gone to roost and I can shut them in for the night. I just look to see if there are dark shadows and the chickens might be nervous about what may lurk there.

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