Ideas for Christmas on a Budget of (almost) Zero!

Christmas presents…simple painted stones that make paper-weights, door-stops or just lovely ornaments.

Here are some I made earlier!

Decorative Hearts made from scraps of material and stuffed with wool.

These make great presents and are easy to make.

Totally recycled too!

A cottage on a slate…simply stones glued onto an old roof slate, together with a mossy roof and a little painted door and window…beautiful and unique!

Make your own willow wreath and decorate it with ivy and pine cones…you’ll find instructions on how to make this on this site…

There is nothing nicer than receiving a beautiful table display for Christmas.

Scour local charity shops for a bowl or container, fill it with florist’s oasis and insert as much seasonal greenery as you like…with water in the oasis, this is guaranteed to last well into the New Year!

A few pine cones picked up in the woods and sprayed gold or silver will just top it off!

Hand-made gifts of jam, wine, sweets, woolly hats…be creative!

Who wants the same old chain store rubbish anyway?


  1. I love these ideas – so full of heart and real meaning… There’s such a sense of relief and settled calm, amidst all the mad consumerism that surrounds us, to focus on the creativity that’s in the deeper world we live in and the good things we ourselves can create. Special hand-made gifts like these are so connected to the winter magic of this time of year.

    Your blog is such a beautiful place to visit – full of food for the soul and creative inspiration. Thank you…

    More people are seeing the corporate consumer world for the emptiness it really is. Happy midwinter…time for family, friends and home-made abundance and fun!

  2. Love your ideas. I could do some of these with the kids. Much more meaningful to them to give a gift they’ve made, than something they bought with money I gave them.
    Painted stones are magical to do with children, as they can get quite ‘lost,’ in the creativity. And you are so right, it becomes a very special gift!

  3. I know the rocks will be my choice to create. I make wild grape vine wreaths and ever green swags. Decorating with what ever I find, sticks painted red, lavender sprigs, little feathers dropped in my yard, and old saved ribbon. Love bringing in the Green. They will stay till spring returns. Thanks for the natural beauty.
    Ever more ideas, like your fab blog! This is what makes Midwinter so beautiful and inspiring! Love it!

  4. Brilliant ideas! I love the hearts and the little cottage on slate. You are, as ever, an inspiration…

    Thanks Martin…I hope to do a similar post again before midwinter!

  5. What great ideas! I was so tickled to come across your blog! Your way of life is very inspiring, especially in this increasingly commercial and greedy world. The simple life is full of abundance and richness! Thankyou for sharing your corner of the world.

    Welcome to Bealtaine Cottage and ideas for a better way to live…permaculture and abundance!

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