Magical Midwinter at the Cottage

Freezing fog surrounds Bealtaine Cottage.

Despite the cold, part of the day has been spent outdoors, tree-planting and dog walking.

Missy decided to remain indoors.

She has gotten rather snuffly again as she struggles with her condition.

She craves the warmth and sleeps a lot, bless her!

Once outside, adjusted to the cold with lots of layers, it’s a pleasant day with that magical midwinter light, as the sun travels low on the horizon.

You can see that the fog has partially lifted, though remains in the valley below, hugging the village of Keadue.

Lots of mixed and informal planting gives the gardens a colour and form all the year round, as you can see from today’s picture.

That’s Pyracantha in the foreground, with Buddleia and Copper Beech, Box and Bamboo, all vying for a space and standing up to the wind from the west!

Part of today was spent in hard graft…cutting back some of the Laurel Arch  on the path that leads from the cottage to the polytunnel and soft fruit gardens.

Winter is a busy time, as one attempts to keep on top of the crazy growth here in the west of Ireland.

The top needs to be cut back, but I shall leave that to another day!

However, look what was on the inside…a beautiful birds nest…so I walked quietly away!

My excuse to retreat indoors and make a big pot of tea!


  1. Lovely post. I love that very special midwinter light too – your photos of the gardens and the mist in the valley are just filled with its magic. Reading your post, it’s lovely to be drawn into the beauty of where you live – and into that cosiness of hearth and home and big pots of tea, which is all such a part of winter’s magic too. Thank you…

    No matter where one lives, a pot of tea, toasted crumpets and a woolly jumper works the midwinter magic!

  2. Missy is fortunate indeed to be treated with such sensitivity, care and respect, as are the birds and other small creatures who share your life. Bless you too.
    Good karma follows…
    Thankfully there are many of us, Christine and the number grows all the time. Compassion grows compassion.

  3. Again I am so jealous of your beautiful cottage and living in Ireland. You have green in winter, I miss the green. Thankyou for the wonderful pictures and I hope your kitty stays warm.
    Yes, indeed, we are blessed with a temperate climate!
    I must admit to loving to share through pictures and words!

  4. *It’s lovely to receive your daily post. Thank you for letting us share your thoughts, every day your posts give inspiration, encouragement, hope and a warm feeling inside. I keep all your wonderful pictures and I’m about to make them into computerised jigsaws, if I can figure out a way to email them I’ll send you one! * * * *Yours with love,* * * *Eileen hood [?] *
    Thanks Eileen…I love jigsaws!

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