Cats in the Sink and Frogs in the Pond!

Missy Cat in the sink at Bealtaine Cottage

Missy Cat is being stubborn and uncooperative.

Frogs are laying spawn in the pond.

The sun is shining and snow is promised.

All that’s missing is the Mad March Hare!

Bealtaine Cottage SeedsI’ve been having fun stamping my little cat stamp all over the seed envelopes.

Bealtaine Cottage stampAs you can see it is a specially made stamp that says “by Bealtaine Cottage.”

Bealtaine Cottage summer in the permaculture tunnelLots of you have asked for seed, so I’ve been busy sorting and labelling before posting all over the world!

Missy Cat at Bealtaine CottageI always dreamt that the magic of this little cottage in the west of Ireland would spread out, like a ripple of life and energy, to all four corners of the world…and it really is happening.

Many of the plants grown here over the years will be grown this year across Europe, America and Australia…it’s wonderful to think of.

This is today’s video all about the frogs in the pond in the Bog Garden…


  1. Hi Colette,

    What an inspiration. We live in West Kerry and when we moved into our house 7 years ago the garden wasn’t much more than a field full of weeds, a hedge with massive holes in it and rubbish piled up in every corner imaginable (and I am not talking about the nice natural piles of rubbish).

    Now, 7 years down the line, our garden isn’t anywhere near yours but I feel like we at least cleaned up all the rubbish. The hedge has grown into a nice healthy hedge, we made a nice little vegetable patch, planted some fruit and trees and slowly but surely we are getting something nice. The next project will be a herb spiral.

    Your story is really inspirational and great to know that this is possible in our climate. Especially the before and after images are wonderful, they really help keeping faith and continue the hard work to develop a nice living garden.

    And after reading that I was just about to ask you how you get your seeds and stuff when I came across this post. The hardest thing I find (especially in rural Ireland) is to source your materials from simple things like earth and stones to flowers and seeds etc.
    Can I please get some seeds from you? I can send you some marigold seeds in return as that’s all I have at the moment I’m afraid. But hopefully next year I will have some more seeds.

    Thanks anyway for all the inspiration!

    • Hi Edwin and welcome to Bealtaine Cottage and all therein!
      Yes, I can send you some seeds and thanks but I’m awash with Marigolds!
      Let me have your address and I shall pop some in the post for you.
      Keep planting, especially trees and shrubs as these will make micro-climates possible in your garden.
      My email is
      Blessings from Bealtaine Cottage

  2. Do you have some chard and other cruciferous greens seeds available?? Thanks, Sandra
    Hi Sandra!
    This is the list of seeds now available…there has been something of a rush on the Bealtaine Cottage seeds!
    * Green Fennel * Purple Sprouting Broccoli * Evening primrose * Columbine * Lovage * All grown here in the permaculture gardens.
    Bright Blessings from Bealtaine Cottage

  3. Missy, with her beautiful auburn coat and majestic demeanour, sits relaxed and confident in her chosen kitchen sink location…. in the knowledge that yet another unique image will shortly be beamed around the world to her waiting public!
    Missy has fast become an iconic figure in the world of feline appreciation. There are not many female Pumpkin Mousies…
    Blessings from Bealtaine Cottage X

  4. BC: as always, a wonderful post, and I’ve reposted… RT
    Thank you…it is wonderful to have enjoyed such a lovely Spring day and now looking forward to many more!
    Bealtaine Blessings X

  5. Hi Colette

    I’ve just sent you an email. Missy looks gorgeous! was she the model for your stamp?


    I have just packed another load of seeds and yours was one of them…hope you like them…packaged 4 envelopes of flowers and veg.
    Yes, Missy as always reigns supreme!
    Bealtaine Blessings X

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