As the Storm Rages…

Shed at Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture gardensAs I write this the video is uploading…slowly and tentatively, as we are enduring power-outs with the storm raging and the day that’s in it!

Missy Cat asleep at Bealtaine Cottage PermacultureI’ve had a quick look at the video before loading and it’s hard to tell there is any storm here at Bealtaine Cottage…testament to the abundant permaculture planting.

Porch and sitting room at Bealtaine CottageThis ensures that the wind is well filtered and damage caused by storms is negligible.

Bealtaine Cottage stoveI have lit the stove, but the cottage is struggling to heat up, so I have donned my extra warm hand knitted woollen sweater! 

This is a day for endless pots of tea and toast, crumpets, cake…comfort food, just lashings of tea and cake!

stormy weather permaculture cottage Despite the cold and rain and wind, the blossom is on the Nectarine tree in the tunnel and the buds are thickening and colouring on the Apple Trees throughout the gardens.

apple jelly at Bealtaine CottageI have planted a total of 40 fruit trees all over the 3 acres of permaculture gardens…with plans for more.

Each year that passes sees the gardens grow more abundant and protective.


Today’s video from Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture Gardens


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  1. My daughter found a tiny white kitten ridden with fleas and mites, we took it to the vet and was told that she seemed to be deaf and he was unsure whether her hearing would return. It did not and she is profoundly deaf. Oh, but she is the sweetest little cat! I say little because although she is now over six years old she is still kitten sized. My daughter named her Yuki (Japanese for snow).
    Almost three years ago a lovely lady from our local cats protection league asked me if I would be interested in fostering a deaf cat and kitten that had been found, as she had heard we already had a deaf cat and thought I might know how to deal with them..
    Their story was very sad. The mother cat had been abandoned and left to fend for herself. She found her way to an area used for pheasant shooting and was often seen there eating the carcasses of discarded birds. They thought her a funny rotund little thing, but soon discovered why when she produced a litter of kittens. Unfortunately being deaf and being white went against the little family and when next seen she was a very distressed mum with with only one remaining kitten that had obviously faught to save her litter as she was badly injured. A kind chap then called the cats protection league and a trap was set up to catch them. A home was found but after five months the people didn’t want them anymore, aparantly because the cats kept ignoring them (I think they were just did not know how to communicate with deaf ones). Anyway, since they have been with us (and we have adopted them now) they have been very happy and communicative. They love to play, my daughter is disabled and spends hours and hours entertaining (and being entertained by) them. She called the boy kitten Snoopy and I named the mum Daisy. She always sleeps on a pillow next to mine.
    I don’t think I could live in a house without cats. We also have a beautiful rescued labrador, quite a story there too but I will save that for another day.

    Warmest blessings x

    • What a lovely story, Cicely!
      It’s as though it was all meant to be, as I believe can sometimes happen if we allow the Fates to extend into our lives.
      They are certainly very lucky cats.
      As for children and cats, dogs, pets…I have never come across a child who did not open up to a pet.
      They can work such magic with children and are also very healing for children who have been traumatised, as I have witnessed, and often act as a form of communication for them.
      May they all live long and happy lives on this lovely Earth!
      Blessings from Bealtaine Cottage

  2. Hopefully this current very unseasonal and difficult spell of extreme weather will be replaced with milder ‘springlike’ conditions soon. In the meantime, your advice to indulge oneself in endless pots of tea, cake, and comfort food, seems timely and wise! However I disagree somewhat with your previous correspondent’s suggestion that ‘our lives, without the love for a pet, are somehow incomplete and a little sad’. Many people who would readily call themselves animal lovers, and who hold strong views regarding the welfare of all animals – do not choose, or are prevented by personal circumstances from having a pet to live with them. As one who falls into both these categories; I nevertheless don’t consider that my life is in any way incomplete or sad.

    • Hi Christine and glad to hear you’re keeping warm and cosy as the reports from north of the border are shocking weather wise!
      As for pets, I have 8 bothers and sisters.
      One brother refuses to visit me because of my pets, two who love dogs, two who have none.
      One sister who loves animals and has dogs and cats and two sisters who cannot abide pets at all!
      It’s a choice thing.
      Personally, I adore them.
      My best friend for decades has none and can’t see the point in pets!
      All I can say is, it’s a personal love affair…inexplicable!
      You are neither incomplete or sad and I’m sure when one talks passionately about pets it is never intended to undermine others. 🙂
      Stay warm and just as you are…charming, interesting and compassionate.
      Blessings from all at Bealtaine Cottage

      • I started life with a cat allergy but continued to hug our family pets regardless of the wheezing and itchy eyes. By the time I reached my teens I was inexplicably symptom free, although I do now have a mild allergy to my long-haired cat who is therefore not allowed to sleep on my bed – which makes me feel sorry for him because the other three are. Mind you he is lucky because he has the freedom to roam the fields, whereas he three deaf ones have to remain inside 🙁
        My brother once looked after a friends rabbits and needed to be rushed to hospital because he had a very serious reaction. I do feel for those that love animals but can’t be around them because it makes them unwell.

        • Your deaf cats sound interesting…when did you find out they were deaf and how?
          It’s amazing how much healing animals can bring.
          Cats are said to help lower blood pressure and dogs are remarkably sensitive to their owner’s feelings and moods…hate that word, ‘owner’…!
          My gran kept cats and my uncle, who lived with her, absolutely despised them!
          He may have been slightly jealous of the affection bestowed by his mother on the cats and not him…she was rather intolerant to him in a pleasant way…sort of ignored him!
          I just think they are all great little characters in themselves and love having them around!
          Blessings from all at Bealtaine Cottage

  3. Coincidentally, I was just enjoying a pot of tea with a crumpet and a delicious slice of homemade bakewell tart when watching your amazing garden flourish on video. I do enjoy your garden tours and love to see how everything changes through the seasons.
    Your painted stones are very pretty, I really like the magenta/pink colour you used.
    Your home too always looks so warm and full of creativity. I love the foors and all the beautiful natural furnishings,and cats always make a place homely. So sweet to see Missy curled up on her chair. I have an adorable but pesky cat trying to chew one of my sleeves as I write this, making it a little awkward to type. He looks rather like your Sam and has a beautiful nature.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend and that sunshine follows the storm xx

    • I was just talking on the phone to another animal lover who suggested that our lives, without the love for a pet, are somehow incomplete and a little sad.
      I agreed whole-heartedly with her as I sat on the sofa, Missy on one side snoring and Jack with his big, heavy head on my lap.
      The happiness from them is infectious and divine…from the Divine…a sacred joy!
      We are blessed with such life and that love is eternal.
      Have a lovely weekend. The storm continues here but all are warm and snug!
      Blessings from all at Bealtaine Cottage

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