A Magical Midsummer Morning…

Solstice morning at Bealtaine Cottage 2013Happy Solstice everyone…

Midsummer morning at bealtaine cottage, IrelandIn this special year of the return of the Divine Feminine…

Angel on Midsummer morningThere will be a full moon on Sunday, June 23…

Bealtaine Cottage on Midsummer morning 2013And it’s a rather special one…

Midsummer at Bealtaine CottageThe biggest moon at Midsummer

Bealtaine Cottage on Midsummer morningIt will not only be the largest full moon of the year…

Midsummer morning at Bealtaine Cottage...and MissyIt will also be the moon’s closest encounter with Earth for all of 2013.

Missy on midsummer morningThe moon will be at it’s peak on Sunday…

Bealtaine Cottage midsummer morningCelebrate this Solstice…it’s a rare one!

Bealtaine Lodge on Midsummer morningI’m heading to the ocean for a long walk along the Atlantic shoreline…

Midsummer morning at Bealtaine CottageMy Midsummer Treat!

Happy Solstice Everyone!

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  1. Wonderful pictures Colette. Such a wonderful celebration of the Midsummer! Envy you the walk along the ocean…rather miss that part of my past life. I am hoping the sky is clear enough this eve to enjoy the moon. The herbs in their pots are coming along nicely. Still having to convince people I don’t need fertilizer and that are being well-nurtured with compost and manure. My landlady’s plants are three times the size of mine having had the addition of commercial “poison.” I will settle for slower…the warmer weather and sun has brought a spurt of growth. So I am most hopeful. Enjoy your weekend. bj

    • Yesterday I walked along the strand at Streedagh, near Mullaghmore, on the Atlantic shoreline and it was so lovely and meditative…now I know why doctors, years ago, recommended holidays by the sea for patients who felt unwell!
      Your plant will be stronger and more resilient for not being pumped full of chemicals…as we are!

  2. I am becoming increasingly concerned about your bicycle !

    I am a fan of the bicycle as an efficient, green and low impact means of transport but whenever I see yours it is in the same postion left out in the open and looks like becoming a rusty relic. Please assure me this is not so.

    Only joking but tell us something about it. How long have you had it, who was the maker and have you ever ridden it ? it looks a fine machine which with a bit of TLC, some oil and a service could be made road worthy again.

    • The bicycle…I could write a book about that bicycle…oh, the tales I could tell! Its rusted up, despite it’s appearance and yes, I do have a bicycle in the barn which is totally roadworthy!
      Happy Solstice!

  3. Hi Colette

    I’ve been trying to identify a plant which appears in profusion in my garden and all over the area where I live – it looks very much like the tall pink-flowered plant in many of the pictures above. Could you let me know what it is, please? I’m hoping it’s a useful plant, good at accumulating minerals from the soil etc, and that it will make a good contribution to my compost heap!

    Cheers, and best midsummer wishes 🙂

    • The pink flowering plant that grows in the gravel around the cottage is Valerian…the lesser one as opposed to the medicinal herb which is much taller and heavenly scented. The bees love it. It grows in poor limestone and most of all it feeds the soul! Cut it down at the end of summer and add it to the compost heap. I do, every year and the compost is always good!
      Happy Solstice!

      • Ah yes, red valerian, thanks – I looked it up in Martin Crawford’s book and the young leaves are supposed to be edible, but I have to say that I wasn’t impressed with the flavour 🙂 I will just appreciate it for its beauty and the contribution to my compost heap!

        Happy Solstice!

  4. Happy Solstice to you too Colette. I was born on 20 June, so my birthday always falls on or around the Solstice. Will look out for the ‘magnificent midsummer moon’ on Sunday!

    • Happy Birthday, Christine! What a wonderful time of the year to celebrate one’s birthday! Sunday’s moon is something to look forward to…special indeed!
      Happy Birthday and Solstice X

  5. I hope the weather keeps fine for you. I have been busy adding to the online comments of the press regarding Owen Paterson’s ridiculous speech on GM foods. It is truly encouraging to see so many people not only against GM, but against it with a real passion! Now is the time to let these bought and paid for politicians that we will NOT accept their poisoned food.

    • I read what the idiot had to say…whilst walking in a high security GMO unit…he should be force fed the poisonous stuff! Paterson could be likened to a GMO himself as a perfect fusion of animal and vegetable…Lol, but enough midsummer mischief…to the garden I go!

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