Blackberries at Autumn Equinox 006Early morning in the permaculture gardens of Bealtaine, coffee in one hand, camera in the other, to record the passing of a time, a merging of a season, as we flow seamlessly into late autumn…the autumn equinox.

Blackberries hang heavy near the stone circle, flattened grass signs the badgers have been here. 001Looking skywards, all looks different as the season casts a spell over the landscape…I never noticed the ivy on the Ash tree before, really looked and wondered… 002And underneath the mighty Ash, a sacred tree in Celtic lore, the ferns remain green and lush in the warm September weather. 011The circle of stone and willow in the early morning light… 004Crossing the little bridge over the ditch to continue my walk. 020And down into the Fairy Wood… 022towards the pond… 023under Willow arches in the playground of Mother Nature. 029Along pathways evolved over nine years of delight with the Mother herself! 030Where the Sidhe dance and Badgers trundle… 031I spent yesterday clearing the paths a little, for I and many visitors walk these paths all year round.

Some wood I leave on the ground to feed the earth and provide habitat for all seen and unseen. 035As I write this blog, an email hits my screen, a response to one I sent earlier to a very kind donor to Bealtaine Cottage.

I sent an email to this wonderful man asking permission to publish a little of what he wrote to me recently… 036
I have discovered your beautiful cottage a week or so ago from an article in, I have watched most of your youtube videos, subscribed to your newsletter and want to do my part to help you do the beautiful things you are doing…. 041I was floored to see the transformation you have made around you through I’m sure a lot of hard work, an enlightened mind and a superb taste (and of course these wonderful trees)… 044I am personally still stuck on a corporate life that I don’t appreciate and I would love to gather the courage to make the jump and return to a more balanced, tastier, healthier and joyful country life… 045The address mentioned on my donation is actually my parents’, they have a lovely garden where I would love to have your seeds make their magic. Feel free to send whatever you have, don’t feel obligated to any quantity… 049The entertainment and inspiration you have provided with your videos and blog entries are already worth more to me than the money donated.
But if I am buying seeds to plant in my parents’ garden, I’d rather my money going to you than to Monsanto or another large commercial seed merchant!

All the best and keep these posts and photos coming, they make my day! 052That was a lovely email to receive today, the autumn equinox and I know you will be happy to read it too! 056Enjoy the rest of the photographs taken this morning, here in the permaculture gardens of Bealtaine Cottage…it’s always a pleasure for me to share this sacred place with you X 064 065 075 076 106

Thanks and blessings XXX


  1. “once planted the Sidhe take it on as their own” How true, for She our Mother Earth has been the Sidhe’s since the begining of time.

  2. I read your latest blog entry with the greatest of pleasure! It’s so very nice to see and to hear about how your efforts at permaculture and forest gardening have worked out.

    I am still only hoping to begin such a garden, as, where I live it would not be appreciated by the management (looks too messy, etc., etc. – the usual complaints of uninformed busybodies). Therefore, my place with its wonderful “Canyon Garden” (, is up for sale and I’m hoping to buy a house with a much larger lot on which to experiment, and where I will be the final arbiter on my decisions. I’ll be using your ideas in the planning for it.

    Thanks so much!

    On 22 September 2013 08:38, Bealtaine Cottage

  3. i have a friend named lichen who transforms the earth upon which he dwells seemingly effortlessly turning land into faerie land…as with your place, one can sense the sidhe in the copse and clumps of gorse. a bit of magick in all he touches…your photos remind me of his places…love sharing them around with others…so inspiring!

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