The Haunting… 049

With great longing for home and sadness of leaving, I made the journey back from Connemara today.

As I passed Kylemore Abbey, the clouds began a hasty descent, down over the mountains of the pass…

I longed for home, but was mesmerized by the play of light and mist that is a magical part of the landscape of the West of Ireland.

A landscape that haunts one forever…

Their cottage is surrounded by the most ethereal  play of light, being near the shoreline and surrounded by mountains.

I first met Terri and Lol when they visited Bealtaine Cottage to learn more about Permaculture and quickly bonded in a deep friendship.

I meet so many wonderful people here at Bealtaine and am often invited to visit with them, though rarely take the time to do so…

I’m glad I made this journey into the hauntingly beautiful land of Connemara…the images will inspire dreams for many nights ahead in Winter. 051The past three days in Connemara have inspired me in many ways.

I met some fine people and talked about wine making and permaculture. 060Connaught, the province of Ireland where Connemara lies, has, historically, been associated with immense poverty and harsh living conditions, though its beauty has kept it populated, albeit sparsely in parts.

Many Irish have emigrated from here, down through the centuries, especially so during the Great Famine. 014Yesterday morning, I walked in the gardens as the sun rose, and watched the mist slowly lift from the fields, that run down to the shoreline. 017Terri and Lol have planted lots of Willow, as a wind break and are developing a sustainable smallholding around their cottage. 029Living this close to the mighty Atlantic Ocean, the land is swept by salt-winds and gales, that roar in over thousands of miles of turbulent sea, making landfall, with all the power and destruction only those winds can carry.

The soil is scraped off rock and carried on the winds, to fill crevice and glen.

Even the cows have learned to forage and climb like mountain goats in search of food!

This beautiful creature stood atop the rocks watching the sun rise, as I walked in my dressing gown around the cottage gardens. 030In the distance, my little camera picked out the walls of ancient cottages, abandoned to the elements of sea, rain, wind and sun, casting imaginary sounds of past lives upon the mist that lifted heavenwards, in the warm morning air. 059As I drove towards home, leaving this magically, evocative landscape behind me, the sheer beauty of Connemara urged me to stop… and take one last image to share with you…


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  1. Thank you Colette, for that absolutely beautiful description of Connemara. I have always wanted to go to Ireland and get a sense of the land of some of my ancestors. I was actually moved to near tears reading your beautiful words. The emotion of going home again is very powerful and a feeling that I am all so too familiar with having not been able to visit my home and family in over a year.

    Your pictures conger up such a wonderful feeling which fill the soul and the heart with the sensations that you were conveying with your beautiful descriptions.

    Ireland is definitely on my Bucket List!
    Best, Betty

  2. Lovely post, Colette. The first time we were in Ireland , in 1987, there was a heat wave/drought. Very strange for Ireland. It was very bright and sunny and HOT! But thankfully the weather changed a few days into the trip. We were in Connemara when the change happened. The temperature dropped 40 degrees in about 5 minutes. I was very glad I had just purchased a beautiful Aran sweater. But the most amazing thing was the drive from Connemara the next day. It was a completely changed landscape. The mist had descended, and the light playing in the mist was so beautiful. What had been a bright and somewhat barren land took on an air of magic and mystery. It was so incredible! I was so glad the weather had become more “Irish” and we were able to see Connemara, and the many other places we visited, as they were meant to be. It is a sacred Isle indeed. And I have always believed it is favored by the Goddess. Many carry it in their hearts…..our true home.

    • Always known as Mother Ireland, with the ability to make grown men cry, it is the home of the Goddess, for the people have never broken the communication with her. I believe that women, and many men, all over the world understand this power…a place where Nature holds sway.
      Colette X

  3. Colette,
    My daughter and I had the same experience leaving Kylemore on our way back to Malin Head. It was haunting as you said. Your piece made me homesick, even though I was not born in Ireland and ancestors have long since left it is the only place in the world that I feel like its home. The pictures and thinking about the Atlantic gales and how the wind does howl makes me think back to many trips.
    It sounds like you had a wonderful time, and have met some wonderful people. Thanks to you I am doing the same.
    Blessings to you my friend and I am glad that you are back home.

  4. Good morning Colette. What a lovely post! We are so touched to hear that you had such a lovely time with us and it was such a surprise to realise that your photos were of OUR house!!! Very strange for us to see that on your blog. We can’t wait until November when you come again and reach more people with information about permaculture and taking care of the planet. You have inspired us further with your constructive and kind comments and we are itching now to get started on your recommendations. Much love and blessings to you. xxx

    • Thank you once more for the holiday! I attempted to only take photos that were looking out from the cottage, rather than in, as I did not want to infringe on your sacred space. I think they capture the essence of the beauty you have created there…may it continue to grow and merge with the landscape…I’m sure it will!
      Blessings X

  5. Thank you Colette!
    I love the Connemara and long for the misty shores of Ireland with all my heart.
    Your blog is not only informative and action oriented in present time, it helps me stay connected to my soul’s home 🙂
    One day, I will make the journey again (from Santa Fe, NM, USA) and pay you a visit 🙂
    Meanwhile, thank you for all your insights and divine embraces. Michele Geyer

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