The Promise of Mist 001The evening falls a little faster, the light fades in the west and the cottage warms up to greet the night. 011Missy has been reluctant to go outside today, as the rain fell steadily all afternoon.

The warm air ensures a light mist will rise from the valley tonight.

If the morning is clear, the mist will rise up through the valley and embrace the mountains of Arigna. 021Rose-hips are flopping out from hedgerows…is this the sign of a cold winter to come?

We shall see! 048Tea, lovely hot and comforting, the cup that cheers…thank you Jane for the beautiful mugs you made for me in your Bandon Pottery.

Crocosmia Montbretia in the rainThe flowers of the Crocosmia are in their final stages of bloom.

The vibrancy of this orange flower was brought to Ireland from South Africa over 100 years ago and have become naturalised here in the west of the country, where the Gulf stream makes the climate that little bit softer!

Che Mousey Bear relaxes on the benchThe days of sitting on the bench are not yet over, for the seasons here in the magical west of Ireland, never played by the rules.

www.bealtainecottage.comHere, Mother Nature goes her wilful, wild way, delighting in surprises that open into warm January days and balmy February afternoons in sheltered places like the south side of Bealtaine Cottage, set here in its own little micro-climate. 002Tiny pumpkins decorate the sitting room, reflecting the season of fruitfulness. 003The light play of Autumn continues… 025Bunches of drying herbs, cast shadows on the wall, as the season begins its final lunar cycle.


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  1. I found you blog a few weeks ago, and I enjoy reading and escaping to your wonderful place…it is so beautiful…right down to your kittens. I have 3 kittens here in our urban oasis , but it is a joy to visit others and see how they live each day…thank you for sharing….such a joy to read and see:-)

  2. Everything looks lovely, including you site’s new look
    and I do like your mug!
    Haven’t visited much or commented lately due to eyesight probs, but that is thankfully improving now.
    I thought your wedding post was wonderful! congratulations to all xx

    I adore autmn, I think it must be my favourite season with spring coming close second.
    though all the seasons have their own magic.
    Warmest wishes from a very misty south west england


    • It’s just lovely to hear from you, Cicely! I’m glad your eyes are on the mend and you are basking in the glow of Autumn…misty England sounds magical!
      Hearty Blessings from Bealtaine X Colette

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