Small Things… 022Keeping time.

Morning merges into early afternoon.

There is a seamlessness about the work on this last day of September. 049Cutting wood, cleaning windows, stringing  chillies, all merging as the day progresses. 029Somewhere, in the distance, a crow calls its lonely caw…it’s repetitive and makes me think an animal has caught it…perhaps a fox. 038I have watched the fox make it’s way across the rushy fields, darting here and there among the clumps of withering green. 026Deep in the Fairy Wood, cutting and stacking with my little handsaw, all I experience from the outside world are noises of life without. 024Che-Mousy-Bear stays with me as I work.

Once so very timid, he is finding his own place in this world, where he initially found only rejection. 032I love him for having the tenacity to stay with it all…one of the small things that weave the tapestry of life here at Bealtaine. 016Time to brew a pot of tea and stoke the stove…working on the land is fluid, as the day progresses. 015I am obsessed with hearts.

I have no idea why, but the shape draws me in.

I see hearts everywhere.

They fascinate me. 045The work of the day continues with juicing apples for saving in the freezer. 008Autumn changes the colours of the trees surrounding the cottage.

It seems that the view from this window changes every time I pass it… 009Tiny webs configure across and around the Celtic Knot, too beautiful to clear away. 030The woodland beckons…


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  1. The ‘little things’ are the things that keep the world turning – the circle of life continues – Brigid will come again in the spring and re-awaken the ‘little things’ – just loving the sense of peace that comes from your words and photographs. 🙂

  2. Where do I begin…that was just beautiful. I just got home from a 27 mile bike ride on the Mississippi River…came home to put my lettuce seed in several beds, and work on some raised beds in our urban potager…we do not have the space you have, but what a delight to enjoy all your beautiful photos, and words that just paint a perfect , peaceful place…..just love the first picture of your cottage…down to the details of the stones placed on the stumps as if they were there from the start…your beautiful food, sweet kitten, and the angels ( I like angle statues so I get the heart thing-lol) dressed in moss…oh so beautiful…( long sigh)…I just picked my Blue scotch kale from my yard, and eating it for lunch and a cup of Holy Basil tea + reading your post…just a perfect day! Thank you for your beautiful work:-)

  3. Thanks for the wonderful impressions, not only the visual ones. I’m reading your words as it’s getting late in the evening and our house is calming down …and I find them to be very soothing – almost like a woolen blanket closing around me. THANX

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