Bealtaine Cottage For Sale

sitting room at Bealtaine CottageBealtaine Cottage Permaculture Smallholding is now offered for sale… 030I am hoping that someone, who will continue to love and nurture Bealtaine, will purchase the smallholding and cottage.

spinning wheelIreland has the lowest tree cover in all of Europe, I intend to do something about that! 056I have planted 1,000+ trees here at Bealtaine, and now my dream is to plant 9,000+ deciduous trees, creating a Forest of Bealtaine, somewhere nearby…

I believe that if the Forest of Bealtaine is to come to pass, then a generous buyer will step forward.

Interested parties can contact me via email, at:

kitchen window May 2014, is the tenth anniversary of creating Bealtaine Cottage.

To add your name to the list of interested parties and find out more details, please email.

Back door of Bealtaine CottageInterested parties can view by appointment.

cropped-0271.jpgThis will be a private sale.

The IMF has ordered Ireland to cut down her forests and sell her trees.
Ireland already has the lowest tree cover in all of Europe!
My dream is to plant a forest…

The 9,000 trees I intend planting will be totally safe from the IMF …they shall not pass!
And the Forest of Bealtaine will be for all who love the Earth!

Those who have followed the story of Bealtaine Cottage know that I am prepared to put everything I have into this venture…everything, including my home!

This is not for personal gain, but wholly and completely for Mother Earth.


Postscript: I have withdrawn the sale and am busy working on an alternative way to acquire more land on which I can continue planting deciduous trees!

Wish me luck!


  1. Maybe I’m being techie-dumb, but am having difficulty determining exactly how to order any of your product. Am interested in both the pendants and the books. Thanks for your help.

  2. You have clearly heard a calling and responded and now you are being charged with a “larger” calling, though none may be “greater” than what you have done by beginning here. More power to you and your plans!

    Here in Vermont, USA, our forests have indeed grown back from about 10% of the state to maybe 80% and now our problem is keeping fields clear enough for farming! We’re losing so many big farms, but many more small ones are springing up and Permaculture and Biodynamics are spreading and growing here as well.

    I have just recently found your site and consider it my online sanctuary and you my sister across the pond. My little family has a homestead with a cow and calf, horse, chicken and neighbor’s goat, fruit trees and bushes, gardens, sometimes bees, pigs, sheep, etc. and I have plans for a Food Forest and sustainable community as well.

    I am very excited for you, for you have truly learned to go with the flow of Nature and not seek sentimental stagnation as so many people still define success. Non-attachment allows us to truly join with all in freedom and joy. Bright blessings to you!

    • It’s interesting to hear the story of forestation in Vermont. Ireland never recovered from the devastation of the Tudor invasions in terms of tree loss. I’m happy that you have found this site and enjoy it…welcome to Bealtaine Cottage XXX

      • I’m curious about the lack of regrowth in Ireland. To risk oversimplificaiton: In Vermont, the bottom dropped out of the sheep and dairy markets in several successions, and reasonably scaled farming has declined in general over the last hundred years or more, partly due to larger farming and ranching in the Western US, Canada & Australia as well as advanced transportation and industrialization, and the farmland in New England was also largely depeleted due to overgrazing and other unsustainable practices. So the reforesting is more an accidental result of the population shifting to cities and working at “jobs” instead of farming or running their own small businesses in the villages around the farms. Vermont was hit hard by these factors and was considered a poor backwater in the 20the century, yet loved for her beauty by skiers and vacationers. Now people say Vermont was so far behind that now we’re ahead! Small farming and sustainable living are becoming more “popular” these days – and are the foundation for continued survival, basically. But our forests simply grew back immediately (less than a century). The poplars, berry brambles and other pioneer species move in within the first season if not continuously mowed or grazed. Is Ireland seriously so depopulated of trees that there aren’t even enough of those species to spread? If so, I can understand the urgency in your intention. Please forgive my ignorance of Irish history, which fascinates me but doesn’t focus much on the trees, at least in the books I’ve read. Are there others in Ireland who share your intention?

        • Ireland was once covered in forests and represented the Iraq of it;s day in Tudor times…hardwood being the major commodity for wealth-building. The forests were stripped to the extent that natural regeneration was not possible, as grazing animals took precedent in the colonization process. Farming practices now concentrate almost wholly on raising livestock and that means continual grazing. Pioneer species are not spread wide enough for any stabilization of the land to take place.
          As for the question of others wanting to plant forests…I really don’t know. I shall certainly continue sowing, growing and planting trees.
          Blessings XXX

  3. And here I’ve just found you and your blog and you are selling up and moving on! I am so sorry you feel you have to leave your lovely smallholding. I would buy it in a heartbeat if I had the money. I am sure that someone will come along who will love it and tend it as well as you have done. Well done though for taking the decision to move on and very best of luck for your new venture. Creating a forest is the a truly wonderful and magical thing to do because they are the life blood of our countryside and the planet. Please blog about your venture wont you as I am sure we would all love to know how you get on.
    Bright blessings

  4. Somehow I missed this post last year . . . but I’m re-blogging it now; one never knows what might happen . . . all the best and I thank you for what you are doing to create a forest one tree at a time! You are so, so inspiring . . . ~ Linne

  5. Hi I have followed this blog for a while now and its amazing so sad to see that your leaving but I wish you all the very best for the future its exciting times for you, could I please ask for some advice on some trees I want to plant on my land ? thanks Mary x

  6. I’m so sad that you’re selling Bealtaine cottage. If I had the money I would buy it in a moment. Such a beautiful sanctuary you have created. How generous you are to the planet and such a wonderful custodian. Mother Earth needs more people like you.

  7. Oh Collette, I am so surprised. Maurice and I were so inspired the day we visited you in the beautiful Bealtaine Cottage.
    I am sad to hear of you leaving but I understand that you feel your work is done there and there is more to do elsewhere.
    I am sure you will be as successful in planting your next 9,000 trees as you have been in planting the first 9,000.
    Best wishes to you and I hope you find the right person for the cottage – Grace x

  8. Beltane Blessings to you Collette I’ll be doing a wee “Sell the cottage ~ plant the trees” chant around my candles from now on, your plan was a huge surprise to me this morning as I’ve not been on line much for a few months, I shall have to buy a few Beltaine babies/seeds etc while you’re still there. Warmest wishes for a stress free move to wherever the worms may lead you and in the meantime relish what you have created, Eileen xxx

    • Blessings on this Bealtaine Day, Eileen XXX
      It is now out there…the first energy of Bealtaine Forest is swirling around, gathering momentum…what will follow may surprise us all…the Forest has started to grow!

    • My wife and I love your u Tube videos we are going to be at loss with out you and Jack. Hope you will be back soon best of luck with your new adventure. I will have give willow’s E mail. I am very naughty and order a hole frost.

  9. I regularly have to fight tooth and claw to protect my two (two!!!!) trees from my neighbours in my suburban property… Not everyone understands the importance of trees. I do hope you find a secure place to plant your 9,000 trees. xxx

  10. And so it is nearly may 2014! I’m fairly new to the word permaculture; although not the ideas. I wonder if some sort of trust or partnership for bealtaine and perhaps day courses in permaculture (maybe you’d help train someone for that?) would be an option for ensuring its future? Exciting times ahead! I admire you and the ‘do it’ attitude, attachment and fear can inhibit out growth and development that is true. You must do what you must and mother natures plan unfolds as it should 🙂

    • Your words have uplifted me…bless you! Indeed, Fiona, I am called to a bigger project by Mother Earth, one that I have been avoiding…so we shall see how the story unfolds…

  11. This is such a beautiful and exciting plan! I burst into tears..
    I will be praying for a wonderful future for Bealtaine Cottage and marvelous, magical new adventures ahead for yourself . I’m full of admiration.. All power to you!

    Warmest thoughts xx


  12. This does not surprise me at all. You have created something magical. Someone will be called to be the new caretaker. You will go on to make more magic. But of course! Blessings to you! …attempting to follow your example from the U.S… blythe

  13. What a surprise! I wish you all the best and a peaceful transition. My house is going up for sale in May as well, and don’t quite know where we will end up. It is exciting, scary and faith building to step out into the unknown. I am sure that whatever new plot of land you find yourself on, that your unique stamp will be placed upon it. Your goal of 9000 trees is a great example to all of us. Sure hope you will continue blogging as so many of us will be very interested to see your progress on the new place! Bless you.

    • Thanks and hope all goes well in your move too!
      I shall continue to blog, as the message on sustainable living, tree planting and caring for Mother Earth needs to be out there, to encourage as many as possible to live well, long and happy!
      Blessings from Bealtaine Cottage
      Colette X

  14. Huge mistake. You don’t need more land. Your 900 trees will move million hearts to plant billions of trees. Don’t fall prey to the desires of doing more by your self. You already lift the hearts of many people around the world. My humble pray is that you will remain a beacon of light for the lost, an example to the those who know but not how, and a mentor to those walking lightly in your footsteps. If I were a wealthy man, I would buy your place and tend to it with heart and soul, but for all my efforts, in all that you planted there and afar would suffer. Dear friend, please… consider your decision again… and realize you are a force of nature where you stand.

    • Dear Scott, it is all beyond my control, for I am moved by the Mother Divine. Coming to this place of desolation 9 years ago meant no sense…I simply trusted in a force I was unable to articulate. All I know is that she moves me and I trust her. This decision was never about me or what I want…I am powerless!
      Abundance in your own life and Blessings from Bealtaine X

  15. Well Collette, you’ve put it out there! I’ll be fascinated to see how She responds…… it may come in a form not anticipated 🙂 ♥

    • The playfulness and generosity of the Mother Divine has energized me these past 9 years…She will have her mantle of green in the cover of trees!
      Abundant Blessings to you from Bealtaine X

  16. Stunned as I was to hear this news…I should have known that you are a force of nature
    and you will follow her course. Always creating abundance,…making magic the place and
    bountiful and joyous the life that comes to dwell.there.

    I know you will do what is needed to ensure that the life at Bealtaine is cherished and protected by a faithful steward.

    Your blog and life example have been such a source of hope and inspiration to me I can only thank you by taking up your wonderful example and.”First, plant for the Bees, then the Birds, then for the Gardner.”
    Thank you Colette and Godspeed. ~ Adrienne Doherty

    • Bless you Adrienne for uplifting words…my entire being is now taken over with the unyielding desire to plant trees…it shall be done, one way or another!
      Abundant Blessings from Bealtaine X

  17. All the best heartfelt blessings to you on this next phase of your journey. I know there is much Earth crying out for nourishment so won’t be surprised if it all comes together beautifully. You are courageous and loving in following the inner call of Mother Earth. Thank you for all you do and are. We are blessed to have you holding and nurturing the space in Ireland and inspiring so many around the world. Love and blessings, Laura

    • Bless you dear Laura for your beautiful words. I have already begun to sow tree seeds I collected today in the woods near the lough. I have promised the Mother 9,000 and so it shall be!
      Colette X

  18. Colette,
    I am so relieved to hear you are fine. Blessing to you with your new plans.May your good works continue. WIll you keep blogging, I certainly hope so you have given me so much there is no way to thank you.

  19. All the very best for the future Colette. I’ve really enjoyed seeing beautiful images of Bealtaine on your daily blog, and am pleased to learn that they are to continue in the meantime.

  20. My email would not go through, so I’m posting here to wish you the very best. The inspiring messages from BC will be greatly missed, but every success in your further efforts. Blessed Be. – Daniel, in the USA

    • Bless you Daniel!
      It is hard for me to have to sell Bealtaine Cottage, but trees MUST be planted to help Mother Earth…we have treated her so badly…anyway, home is where the heart is and my heart is with the Earth, especially Ireland!
      X Colette

  21. I was incredibly shocked to see this, but from the comments above, I see you are embracing more of the earth. I admire you so much and of course wish you well. I assume you’ll be blogging etc about your new project in due course. x

  22. That is so sad for you, can’t imagine what it would be like to give up such a wonderful space. My thoughts are with you.

  23. I have only just started following your blog! Reading your beautiful words, seeing your beautiful cottage and looking at your wonderful photographs,I have the feeling no matter where you go, whatever your next project is, you will always succeed. Bealtaine will always be with you. We still have the winter at the cottage to look forward to!

  24. Hello!

    I am so surprised to receive this email. As the direction of your work and life changes, I wish you all the very best! Erin

    • Thank you Erin X The direction remains the same…more land to restore and trees to plant, if it be so. Bealtaine is restored and the land is filled…time to move on and do it all again!

  25. Wow! Colette, are you ok? I so hope you are. I have to say I am so surprised that you would leave Bealtaine Cottage. I don’t know what to say. Thank you for all your wise words. You have been such an inspiration to so many. Wishing you great happiness now and always. You will be sorely missed. Patti

    • I am putting this out there to the Universe. In the meantime I will continue to plant trees and care for Mother Earth…and if the project happens, I shall be planting even more trees! 🙂 If it doesn’t, I will continue at Bealtaine 🙂 PS…never felt better!

    • I intend to continue writing this blog that I love so much right up until the cottage is sold…if ever it is sold! I’m not in any hurry whatsoever to leave!

      • I wish you every happiness and blessings in whatever you do after Bealtaine is sold. I will miss the place, your gorgeous photos and your words of wisdom . I regard your blog as a friend telling me about their day.Eileen

        • Bless you Eileen! I want to continue with another project, but, only if I can leave Bealtaine in the best hands! Don’t worry, I will continue to work and plant and care for Mother Earth, whether at Bealtaine or elsewhere!
          Colette X

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