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Bealtaine Cottage For Sale

sitting room at Bealtaine CottageBealtaine Cottage Permaculture Smallholding is now offered for sale… 030I am hoping that someone, who will continue to love and nurture Bealtaine, will purchase the smallholding and cottage.

spinning wheelIreland has the lowest tree cover in all of Europe, I intend to do something about that! 056I have planted 1,000+ trees here at Bealtaine, and now my dream is to plant 9,000+ deciduous trees, creating a Forest of Bealtaine, somewhere nearby…

I believe that if the Forest of Bealtaine is to come to pass, then a generous buyer will step forward.

Interested parties can contact me via email, at:

kitchen window May 2014, is the tenth anniversary of creating Bealtaine Cottage.

To add your name to the list of interested parties and find out more details, please email.

Back door of Bealtaine CottageInterested parties can view by appointment.

cropped-0271.jpgThis will be a private sale.

The IMF has ordered Ireland to cut down her forests and sell her trees.
Ireland already has the lowest tree cover in all of Europe!
My dream is to plant a forest…

The 9,000 trees I intend planting will be totally safe from the IMF …they shall not pass!
And the Forest of Bealtaine will be for all who love the Earth!

Those who have followed the story of Bealtaine Cottage know that I am prepared to put everything I have into this venture…everything, including my home!

This is not for personal gain, but wholly and completely for Mother Earth.


Postscript: I have withdrawn the sale and am busy working on an alternative way to acquire more land on which I can continue planting deciduous trees!

Wish me luck!