Autumn Seeds, Berries and Lichens 003Harvesting Willow today in the Permaculture gardens of Bealtaine. 004This Willow is pollarded rather than coppiced. 006The day is fine…good for washing to dry out on the clothes line.

Fresh air and sunshine have an excellent cleansing effect on the materials. 012Working so close to the trees, and seeing the lichens and mosses in the sunlight is magical.

Little cobwebs, insects and textures becomes a world all of its’ own. 014An opportunity to admire the berries on the Hawthorn, set against the silver of the bark. 015Clusters of berries on the Ivy continue to develop. 016Not to be out-done…the cerise pink berries on the native Irish Spindle make a show of themselves! 020Seeds on the Alder trees hang low in the bog garden. 021The green of Autumn has a fairytale quality about it…it becomes a woodland green, reflected by silvery, autumnal sun light. 031Where summer sun on trees casts darkness underneath, autumn sun creates shadows… 034The Fairy Wood is timeless with trailing ivy and sunlight. 036Ivy and moss… 038****** 042********* 056Jack and Che-Mousey-Bear play in the sunshine. 059***************


  1. BeautyFull and SoulFull…magical to see…gorgeous sunny autumn has broken here in Inishowen, very low cloud – ethereal mists! Interested in you cutting your willow now…we usually cut around feb/march…

    • Thanks…willow can be cut any-time after the sap has dropped, from leaf fall onwards…that has been my experience here at Bealtaine. I have so much willow here, that I begin around this time and continue all the way through to Spring!

  2. These images, especially the cerise pink berries and ivy and moss, are simply stunning! Maybe pursuing this seemingly natural ability to take wonderful photographs could become a stepping stone to achieving your dream forest. Doors can open in the strangest and most unexpected of places…..

    • Oh, thanks, Christine! If only…however, I love to take photographs and it’s always a challenge trying to capture what I see…it is the minutiae of life that fascinates me.
      Bless you for lovely words!

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