Thanks, Thanks, Thanks! 017

Today I felt a tiny bit sad.

Not for any reason in particular…I’m sure we all feel like this every so often.

Permaculture gardens in April at Bealtaine CottageSo there I was, having a good old wallow in being down, when something caught my eye, causing me to look up. 015It was a simple cameo…a blackbird that peered inquisitively back at me through the kitchen window.

I “heard” the look. 054The beautiful bird brought me a message from Nature, saying, quite simply, “look!”

Parsley growing at Bealtaine Cottage beside old iron kettleAnd so I did. 052I looked out the window.

Autumn 2013 at Bealtaine Cottage 001I stepped outside and looked.

Lower pond in flood at Bealtaine Cottage permaculture gardensThere was an entire world around me that was saying, “Step in here and lift your heart up!”

Welcome to the Permaculture Gardens of Bealtaine CottageSince this morning I have looked and been lifted.

Sammy Cat on the roof of the porch at Bealtaine Cottage IrelandNow, here I am, sat by the keyboard, writing this blog and inviting you to share some uplifting pictures of what I have seen this year…

Buddha at BealtaineThanks to the Divine energy all around us that creates such beauty…Thanks!

fairy wood at bealtaine cottageThanks!

In the Gardens of BealtaineThanks!

Bealtaine Cottage PorchThanks!


  1. In the summer I found a connection with some large trees whose appearance and size suggested they have gone through many more years of life than I have or will.
    The feeling of calm as the trees listened to the voice in my head was quite overwhelming.
    All around the giants there was an abundance of life and the part of life that is me remembered that nature is me and I am nature… there is no ‘us and them’.

    Well a longer comment than it perhaps could have been but to ramble a tad more.
    I live with three other people, a ‘typical’ family of four and we are all feeling many tangible difference in the passage of days and nights. Not least of which is the currently inexplicable quietness. Does anyone else think 2013 has become the year of quietness?

    • Trees are indeed the silent guardians of our lives and we depend for our lives upon them.
      2013 has been a strange year indeed. The vibrational level of the Earth itself has risen and time appears to be speeding up. You raise an interesting point…quietness reflects something more and usually precedes a storm…

  2. Lovely, you live in a beautiful garden. Your efforts to care for your land are evident. Now your land has given back to you.


  3. It’s so lovely to catch these precious glimpses of your garden, in all it’s beauty – thanks for sharing those lovely images. It was also fantastic to run into you at the market this week, it’s been too long. Will have to pop up to see you again sometime soon – your garden is so lovely and your home and company are wondeful too. Big hugs to you. (You’ve also reminded me that I need to get my garden / house blog updated too!)

    • Beautiful synchronicity! It was a delight and just at the right time for me, as I now know how much healing energy my darling Missy-Cat benefited from and appreciate all those who sent that energy. The work you are doing with animals is wonderful Ferris…please post a link to your site on here…
      Blessings X

  4. Sometimes we never see where the ripples show up when we cast ourself into the ocean of our life.

    Just know how meaningful it is to have your ripples show up in my inbox ; for I can indeed hear the mist , listen to the country smells and taste the fondness of Irish hearts.

    Yes, I miss it!!!!!!!!!!!, and live in almost the opposite , even though the magnificence of Lake Tahoe and the Sierras is also my blessing.

    You can check me out at Blessings, David.


  5. for certain there are those moments when for no reason seemingly we feel such things…isn’t nature kind to be there for us, waiting to put a new perspective within reach of our thoughts!

  6. I absolutely love your blog and thought I should give thanks to you for being such a massive inspiration to me! I’ve just started to make our urban semi garden permaculture and yours was the loveliest page I’ve found by far! Your posts make me happy in lots of ways.
    You my lady are on my heroine list 🙂
    Thank you for doin’ the do!
    Keep diggin

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