For The Time Being…

Bealtaine Cottage Website is experiencing difficulties.

My computer appears to be on the blink, refusing to accept uploading of photographs and crashing at random.

Until the situation is resolved in some way, perhaps even a new computer (Second-hand, that is), Bealtaine Cottage will remain outside of the web.

A second-hand laptop will suffice, average cost of 250 euros.

If you feel able to help…

An update, today, Thursday 23 of January…target reached!

Blessings and thanks to all, including:Tracy Kruse at Goldkisses Art, Peter Hussey, Polly Perkins, Wanda Gibson, Jo Jeffery, Rosemary Fandel, Energetic Connection, Hippy Hound, Noel Cronin, Karen Williams, Nadine Touzet, and Deborah Hockney.

I  am now  able to buy a second-hand (guaranteed for 12 months!) laptop  this weekend!

 I am so very happy, because I need to keep writing, especially at this time, as my darling mother is passing, slowly but surely on her gentle way.  Mum loved Bealtaine Cottage and found great healing here. I am so glad that many of you feel the same …Blessings XXX


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your mum, Colette. It doesn’t help much right now, but it is so important to be as connected to her as possible (and sometimes it isn’t as possible as we would like). My mum died a few years back, in a hospital that abused her and I believe killed her. I wanted to take her out of that dreadful place, but was told that I wouldn’t receive any help, that no doctor would call, there would be no medication, for which she was heavily reliant upon. I never felt so lonely and helpless as I did then, and I don’t expect I will ever recover from the experience, and I’ve had counselling and been on anti-depressants. It has left me with a fear of the NHS and I have no faith in the medical profession at all.
    Mum loved her garden and all animals, and that is what we have in common. If I can make life better for a fellow creature, then that is what makes life worth while, and strangely, that is what keeps us connected.

    • My dearest Polly, as I write this hastily, for i am on my way to see Mum, I have this one sure knowledge I hang onto: that despite how poor a quality this life may be for many, the joy of the great Mother is with us always, in her beautiful and bountiful Nature. My mother, like all of us, is journeying into the collective consciousness of pure joy, welcomed by the Divine we are all part of.
      Blessings and thanks for your lovely words XXX Colette

  2. Oh bollocks! As a penniless student hippy I know what a blow it is to have to try to wrestle the moth eaten sock under the bed when it only has pennies and is prepared to strike a blow if you even THINK about touching the few remaining ;). Now you have put it out to the universe, you will get what you need :). Think of this as a little sabatical/rest where you can enjoy your garden. Here in Tasmania we are battling a rising tide of blackberries and banana passionfruit just to maintain the status quo. At least we managed to grow a veggie garden this year thanks to building a fully enclosed structure around the outside to stop the native animals stealing everything in the night…2 steps forward…1 step back BUT we are all still ahead! :). Looking forward to reading more of your posts once the universe delivers your new PC 🙂

  3. Sorry to hear you are having problems. Look forward to your return! I have a spare lap top, but being in the USA, it would probably cost more to ship than to buy a new one!!

  4. HI Colette, You might not need a new (2nd hand) machine, it might be just that the software’s got itself into a mess. Try taking it to one of those little local shops that specialises in computers and see what they can do. Unless it really is dead, it will be a lot cheaper than a new one and delays adding the old one to the landfill. Good luck!
    Jo x

    • Thanks for the advice. There is a shop in my local town, but that needs money too! As for landfill…I have never sent anything to the landfill and all I buy is second-hand…even my phone is now a collectors item! Lol!
      blessings XXX Colette

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