A Rite of Passage


A mighty storm rages around Bealtaine Cottage as I write.

The morning is filled with roars and whoops of wind as it smashes in from the Atlantic Ocean, enveloping the land with angry energy.

www.bealtainecottage.comThe gable end of this little cottage faces into the west and the worst of Nature’s wrath.

The trees slow it down, calming and sifting its robust anger.

I sit by the table near the window on the north-side, occasionally glancing out when the tempest noise rises.

cropped-www-bealtainecottage-com-0341.jpgOver recent days, the need to be with my mother has taken over, as she gently leaves this world, moving and shifting in little caresses of energy, back, towards the Divine.

cropped-0056.jpgHer rite of passage will be completed sometime very soon.

I have watched her quiet dignity hold sway over the comings and goings of support staff, family and friends.

My Mother greets her final journey safe within the home of my brother, her first-born child.

Her bedroom, where she grows smaller, like a womb, comfortable and quiet.

cropped-www-bealtainecottage-com-0162.jpgThis week has been filled with indescribable emotions, but all relating to love.

During this time, my computer has gone on the blink and I have been unable to write and post as I need to…

I need to write… and having a fully functioning computer, that I can use in the warmth of the little lodge, where I over-winter by the wood-burning stove, will be comfort itself.

This will be the beginning of a portable Bealtaine Cottage too, as I will be able to write and post wherever I go.

I am grateful for that!

Thanks and blessings to you, my generous friends!

old pictures saved by Dylan 4421My mother in the early days of Bealtaine Cottage, surrounded by animals, her grandson and magic in the gardens.

This is where some of her lovely energy will be found, for me, in the coming days.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI found my father here after he passed and came to understand that energy does not disappear…we simply have to re-focus our eyes and listen with our hearts to recognize it. (Mum and Dad, on a visit to Bealtaine about five years ago. I took them to the top of Kilronan Mountain!)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Celts believed in the Transmigration of the Soul.

Living at Bealtaine for almost ten years now, I have come to understand that belief.

Death is not the end, but a Rite of Passage.

Blessings and thanks to you all XXX

(My Mother passed away this morning. I spent yesterday with her.)


  1. Blessings to you and your mom Colette ,your words are so lovely, I lost my mom on the 13th of Sept this year and found reading your words here very comforting , I felt blessed that I had so many many wonderful memories and cherish her within my heart always , I have a lovely photo of my mum sitting on my kitchen window and in the eve I light a candle and this photo means a lot to me , yes it seems strange to hold a photo to my heart each night and caress the memory of her lovely face but as i do my tears sometimes fall and this is nice as it melts my heart a little and i feel her close. The last few weeks of moms life seem hard to visit as l witnessed her slowly leaving us , i don’t know if the last few weeks will ever make sense to me but i do know for me she is done with that now and i feel she is more like she used to be when she was well the memory that fills my heart with joy is the memory of her well and oh its only now a month later that so many lovely memories are melting my heart each day. Your mom must have been very proud of you , you bring so much joy to so many people , your blog has sustained me these last weeks and each post has given me joy I thank you for that and send you kind wishes especially for this time . Kind Regards Kathy Burke.

    • My dearest Kathy…your words are so so heartfelt…I am mindful of your loss and wish you deepest comfort, though I know your Mother now travels with you on your sacred journey…and so it is. We are blessed by our Mothers and blessed with the times we inhabit, for our understanding of the Sacred is growing and with it, our joy of connection. I know you understand these words, for you feel the depth of love surrounding you. The consciousness that is your Mother moves with you. Bless you both X

    • Kathy, they don’t go far away. Your mums sees you and hears your thoughts, just talk to her now as you always did. She’s in spirit but still around you xx

  2. Colette

    My sympathies. It will be great comfort for you that you were with her at the end of her life.

    You may have heard of or read George Monbiot; I don’t agree with everything he stands for but he’s more often right – in my mind – than wrong. One piece he wrote in 2005 (http://www.monbiot.com/2005/08/16/a-life-with-no-purpose/) contained a paragraph which stuck in my mind, quote:

    “As a gardener and ecologist, I find this oddly comforting. I like the idea of literal reincarnation: that the molecules of which I am composed will, once I have rotted, be incorporated into other organisms. Bits of me will be pushing through the growing tips of trees, will creep over them as caterpillars, will hunt those caterpillars as birds. When I die, I would like to be buried in a fashion which ensures that no part of me is wasted. Then I can claim to have been of some use after all.”

    This is how I feel too (they say the words ‘humble’ and ‘humus’ may have the same root). I want a tree, something solid and enduring like an oak (if not, then an apple) planted over me when I’m buried.

    Keep your chin up.

  3. Have not been to visit your blog for some time and now I have chosen a time of sorrow but I know that you do not see it like that – The Native Americans say there is no death just a change of worlds – so your mom has passed on to another world where peace and love reigns – Bealtaine will help you to stay strong and take care of you.

  4. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Blessings on the precious soul of your mom as she enters the next circle of her life. love, bj

  5. Sending big hugs from my little cottage to yours. May the spirits of your Mum and Dad surround you and comfort you.

  6. much love and blessings to you Colette and your family. my own mam passed from the earth 17 years ago but her spirit is always felt within the family and her energy stays with me each and every day. it is so hard to say goodbye but what a blessing to have shared part of our lives with our amazing mams and to be able to pass on to our children
    all we have learnt from them 🙂 huge cuddles from ne England xxxxx

  7. blessings to you and your Mother….your love for her will fill all of the gardens of our hearts….with much love…thank you for your postings…you are one of my inspirations of spirit and nature….luv…Barbara

  8. When you see death as a natural progression rather than an ending it slips from something to be feared into one of our natural cycles to be embraced. I love that you have this understanding/truth and that it comforts you now. A wonderful post. Thankyou for sharing it with us all

  9. so sorry to hear of your loss colette,my thoughts are with you and your family and that misssy was waiting on the rainbow bridge for her. i said this to my son when my lovely father in law passed and i believe it is true.
    love and blessings

  10. Wishing you strenght and courage as a new phase enters into your mother’s and your life. I nursed my mother through the last few weeks of her life here on earth. It was very difficult but I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to give this to my mother. xxx

  11. Dear Colette,
    the circle is round. It is beautiful that you could be a part of her circle uptil the end. She’s part of the universal energy again. My thoughts are with you and yours.
    Hugs from The Netherlands.

  12. Blessings to you and your family, at this time….My mother left us at the end of May, and I am still struggling a bit, as I was not there!!…..Thank you for your wonderful posts!! X

  13. You have been in my thoughts and prayers Colette. I am so glad that you were able to get a laptop, your message needs to be heard. You will remain in my prayers as you go through this hard time. Losing a parent is so difficult I will be there for you my friend.

  14. Collette, I am so sorry for your loss and you and your familiy are in my thoughts.
    I am also so grateful for the hope and inspiration you inspire through your comments. Your mother was blessed to have such a loving and understanding presence with her as she moved into the next realm. I am sure that she could pass on at this time with an ease of spirit because she new that the batton of life -a meaningful life full of heart -had passed into secure hands. A cycle has completed and though it brings pain, your beautiful honouring of the sacred pattern of life and death is so important.

    I have yet to experience the loss of my parents -they are well and strong, thank god, but I remember the passing of my grandmother in particular as it was my first funeral and I was only young. It was an English cremation and was peculiarly disconnected (the English just don’t know how to embrace death without a sense of embarrassment). After a perfunctory formula ceremony there was a mechanical hum as a lace curtain drew aside and the coffin passed into the backstage area never to be seen again. It was so surreal! Even the undertaker had a hump and a limp. He hobbled out of the hearse to lead the cortege (stubbing out a fag he’d been puffing as he leaned out of the window) and we passed by a queue of people waiting to be processed in the same way. Horrible! Even so, I remember at the time that my natural response, even though I was hurting, was to laugh. The experience was ultimately a positive one because I knew that the absurdity of the whole awkward and uncomfortable day did not reflect the imeasurably sacred reality of what had happened. A spirit had moved on, the wheel of life had turned full circle and, although it hurt us, we were all being touched by the mysterious, infinite, other. The silliness of the ceremony somehow only served to highten my sense of the presence of grace. I hope that you and all your family her healing presence through this difficult time and that you continue your own journey with that presence forever at your side. I am sure your mother felt it during her passing. Love, peace and healing to all, Lol.

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