An Evening with Mr D’Arcy

Snow is falling this evening.
It has fallen in small flurries all day, only to melt and try again.
This evening the snow is sticking.
A near full moon rose in the afternoon sky.
Spring has scurried back under a blanket of white.
www.bealtainecottage.comThe oven is very hot as the stove has been kept topped up with wood, so I have slid a tray of vegetables onto the top shelf to roast…always a healthy, tasty meal.
What remains will be blended into a soup, with stock and red lentils…tomorrows lunch!
DSCF0480I visited the library in town today and borrowed  books and DVDs, always good value, as the yearly membership of less than ten euros covers all loans, unlimited throughout the year.
DSCF0478Tonight will be a cosy time watching Pride and Prejudice, (The BBC version) on DVD in the lodge, wood-burning stove hot and kettle boiling for tea atop!
www.bealtainecottage.comIt will be cosy enough to enjoy the thought of snow all around the cottage.
www.bealtainecottage.comIt is a dreadful thing to be cold.
If I relied on Electric, Gas or Oil, I would be huddled in blankets for sure, as all are prohibitively expensive.
The advantage of the wood stove is that I can even burn old pallet wood in it and be assured of heat.
The skips in cities are filled with waste wood and many people are cold…this is nonsensical!
www.bealtainecottage.comEarlier today, as the sun shone into the cottage, Jack spread himself across the floor, enjoying the day that was.
www.bealtainecottage.comIt was lovely to watch him lapping up the Spring sunshine.
www.bealtainecottage.comThere has been a small lapse back into winter, but Spring is here!


  1. You have to pay for your library? Here in Australia it is free to join and you can take out books, CD’s and DVD’s and you can request anything from the Australian catalogue online to be sent to your nearest library…I LOVE the library. It’s my best mate when it comes to learning things slowly and there is nothing…truly NOTHING like getting lost in a soul uplifting good book and coming out the other side a better person for the reading :). I love the warmth of your stove…I can taste it as autumn drags itself closer to Tasmania and our days are getting shorter. The first day I light Brunhilda after her long nap and hear her crackle in anticipation of all of that delicious firewood that she is going to tenderly lick with her flames all winter long is going to be a day for celebration…enormous pots of beans will go back onto the stovetop, trays of veggies, loaves of bread, cakes, biscuits, underpants (they will go into the warming oven 😉 ) and the value that Brunhilda brings to our home is so much more than the sum of her parts :). I am really enjoying your wintery posts and the anticipation of spring 🙂

  2. Ha ha, I don’t think Colin Firth will ever live down that part. He was gorgeous, that’s for sure, but in reality would make a dreadful husband. All those moods! Still, you cares about reality.

  3. Hi Colette

    I’d better not visit you as I’d be tempted to steal that tallboy (and Jack!). Where did you get that set of drawers? I’m looking for something similar.


  4. My favourite version of P&P, too! Your evening sounds so cosy; here in Edmonton we have snow, too, and much colder temps (-19C now; -24C with windchill), but we are inland with no water to soften the cold. I love your photos, esp. the one with the candles reflected in the glass. And your dog . . . collies, border and Scottish are my favourites, always. Nice to see your Jack. I hope the storms are over for you and everyone else in Ireland and Great Britain. It’s sounded awful on the news here. But, as you say, spring is on its way, for you at least. We will have to wait until late May, most likely. But it’s coming and for now it’s enough to stay indoors and cosy. Like you, I use the local library, making a weekly run with my rolly cart. I bring home enough for my Mum to have her choice of mysteries, some for me and this time of year, a few DVDs and music CDs as well. I joke about being Mum’s ‘bookmobile’ . . . Am looking forward to seeing your garden again this spring.
    The snow looks much like what we get on the west coast of BC and brings good memories. ~ Linne

    • The simplest pleasures in life are always the best. We are lucky indeed to have a cosy home, entertainment and good food to share…all that and Spring to look forward to…life is good!
      Blessings XXX Colette

  5. It’s true, Spring is getting started here in Northamptonshire too. Today the sun was out for a while and many birds were singing out their territories in their best plumage, ready for nesting to start in the next few weeks. The buds in the hedges are starting to swell a little and in my little greenhouse I already have some winter salad seedlings up and ready to provide fresh spring salad leaves before the outdoor soil is warm enough to get started. The days are getting much longer. We have snow forecast tonight too but we will be cosy indoors. This time of year is so exciting!
    Jo x

  6. I love your emails, I don’t know how I came accross them, and I have no idea how you manage to do them all the time, but well done and thank you, your a peacefull and joyfull window of inspiration every day.

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