Don’t Wait For The Cavalry!

www.bealtainecottage.comSammy-Bear is filthy.

From head to paw, disgusting in the extreme!

Last night, as the moon came towards its fullest, Sammy refused to come in.

As I walked Jack in the full light of a post storm moon, I could see Sammy on the hill behind the cottage darting here and there as he chased something.

Hours later he slunk home in this disgraceful state!

He refuses to clean himself, ignoring my chastisements and sits in full state, on the executive chair, in front of the stove!

I may as well talk to the wall!

There is a full moon tonight and the air is still.

Over recent days the storms have been intense, with rain, snow, wind and tornado!

www.bealtainecottage.comThe extremes of weather are being felt all across the world.

The British Isles have been hit quite badly with floods and high winds all over.

www.bealtainecottage.comThe effects of this extreme weather in terms of financial cost has not been talked about too much in the media.

There appears to be an Ostrich reaction to it all, as economies are talked up and realities are ignored.

www.bealtainecottage.comI don’t feel I need to write about the cost to our environments, as I do so all the time really, but the financial cost to countries will be immense and will certainly slow any hoped-for economic recovery.

www.bealtainecottage.comSo it is well worth mentioning once more the power we all have, to grow food and make plans for our own home economies as best we can!

I might add here, that our worst, can only really equal the best that our own governments appear to be doing in the face of environmental disaster.

By applying common sense and with a little foresight and planning, we will ensure some security of tenure on this battered planet. 058For my part, planting trees for coppicing and energy needs will ensure a warm home next winter.

Storing and familiarising myself with the use of dried pulses, growing and successfully storing home-grown produce, as well as becoming well-versed in the very best home-made soups and potage dishes, continues to occupy my spare time.

candle_004_reasonably_smallMy advice, for what it’s worth…Don’t Wait For The Cavalry!


  1. Some animals consider there is prestige to be had in looking and smelling as disgusting as possible. I have such a dog myself.

    • I’m suspect if I lived anywhere nearby, Sammy-Bear would hang out with your dog…oh, the shame! He continues to sprawl regally on the swivel chair, himself caked in filth! He simply could not give a damn and is beyond redemption. However, I love him…what else can I do?

  2. Inspired by your blog I lopped a couple of small branches off a willow on my way home from work last night, and pushed them down into large pots of soil in my garden. I’ve read that they should root quite easily. If they do, I’ll perhaps leave them to grow for a year and then plant them out in the garden (unless you think there’s a better way to do it – any advice very welcome!). Despite my limited space (only about 80m²), I would like to have one or two trees for coppicing, and willow seems about the best bet, by all accounts. I like your willow arches, so maybe in a few years I’ll be able to do one at the entrance to my own little Eden.

    All the best Colette.

  3. Hi I totally agree with you a hundred percent. We need to be more self-reliant, be prepared and have an action plan for when things go wrong. I made a “things I need to have in place for next winter” list by candle light the night before last. It really focused the mind as to what is important.

  4. High five ma’am! You are a woman after my own heart indeed. As a penniless student middle aged hippy I might not have much but what I do have is the ability to learn and put into practice what I learn. I am learning how to do/make just about everything I can myself. The more we learn, the more resilient we are and the more resilient we are the more hope we can spread. Cheers for this post. I love the image of your little wood stove and can’t wait to light Brunhilda for the first time this autumn 🙂

    • Absolutely. Find out what grows on your land, find out what past generations used it for, and go back to old style cooking. Porridge, soups and stews. Lovely cat btw ! 🙂

  5. A great reminder that we do have the power to do things such as growing food and fuel. Thank you for such good sense. Hope your lovely cat tidied himself up for you!

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