Only if You Can…

cropped-019.jpgThis time last year I encountered a major problem on this website.

midwinter cottage 002I could no longer upload photographs, as the limit for the free WordPress blog had been reached. 028This led me to seek funding from you, in order to continue the blog, through a website package from WordPress, that would allocate more space to upload more photographs. 014(All the photos I post are in the public domain, for anyone to use, as long as they acknowledge the source.) 007The cost of this was 99 euros and was met by lots of small donations from you! 011The annual renewal for this site is now due and the cost is 99 euros once more. 024Living on an income of just over 50 euros per week means it’s difficult for me to meet this payment. 017If you can help with a small donation, just a couple of euros, that would be wonderful!

 Bless you! 



  1. You are truly my mentor even though you don’t know me. I ready, study and the find way to incorporate your teachings. I am from NE Oregon…What heartfelt teachings that so many of us need to follow. Thank you so much …. 😀 Nameste

  2. I too am donating a small amount as I too am on a very low income but would so miss your inspirational blogs. Blessings lovely lady. Lesley in England

  3. donated a small amount as I would be so upset not to be able to read your inspiring posts and be in touch with such a wonderful story……if I had the funds it would be more, lovely lady, blessings and thankyou for your words and glorious photos much love xx

  4. Hello”~) I just tried to donate a small amount as I too am living on minimum income to pursue my dream & life work. It wasn’t able to because my Paypal account hasn’t been used for a long time and it won’t let me pay by card as I’m registered!! Makes no sense to me…

    I’m am going to send you a wee package of magic seeds and my love instead xx

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