The Most Sacred Thing


DSCF1716Marija Gimbutas was a most extraordinary Archaeologist, perhaps the first archaeologist to look at how life was lived in the days before war!

DSCF1717Yes, it is amazing to think that such a world ever existed, but one needs to listen to some of the recordings of her work to understand the magnificence of this discovery.

DSCF1718What Marija has to say, in light of my ten years of experience here at Bealtaine, makes perfect sense to me!

I have added a link to some of her recordings and lectures at the end of this blog.

DSCF1719The work of Gimbutas may act as a template for the future…

DSCF1724There are revelations I have experienced here at Bealtaine Cottage, that I can only link to a strong female presence, describable only as an Earth Goddess or Earth Mother.

DSCF1725Last week visitors from Queensland in Australia walked the gardens…the energy of the land was palpable.

DSCF1729Many visitors remark immediately on the luxuriant growth here at Bealtaine, as well as the warmth and aura.

DSCF1731All agree that these are the Goddess Gardens, the most sacred thing.

DSCF1732Those who welcome the Divine Mother into their gardens will understand this extraordinary energy. 

DSCF1733This link will take you to the first part of the talk and is part introduced by Starhawk…enjoy!


  1. My garden looks quite bare and brown in the winter, not that it is really with all the fruit trees and bushes. Now it is remarkable that I can hardly wade through it’s jungle like proportions coming across little plants I call bird droppings. I even saw a newt, and I have no water!
    I made a salad the other day with Dandelion, Plantain, Sedum, Thyme, Mint, Aquilegia, Sweet Rocket, Nasturtium, Rose petals, and some little onions I call Fivers. I thought it may taste a little strong, so made up a dressing. It wasn’t strong at all and the Rose petals are very sweet.
    It’s amazing what you can do from an ex-council house on an estate!

    • I was walking with you through the magic and even tasting the delicious salad…then I laughed out loud with shock and delight…at the final sentence!
      Blessings on this Midsummer morning XXX

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