Summer Cottage


The heat of the day subsides into late evening.

A gloriously hot and sultry summer day. (2)The birds appear to have wakened in the cool of evening, filling the air with song and calls, as though they’d spent the day in the shade of the nest, keeping still and cool. (3)The grass paths are mowed in the upper gardens and plants cut back to allow safe passage.

This is Ireland at her best, with long cool evenings complete with blue sky until nearly the witching hour. (4)Just as the fragrant roses have gone over on the veranda, archways of roses burst into being.

Roses and Virginia Creeper support one another in a frenzy of growth. (5)Less than a week until the Midsummer Solstice and the Earth knows. (7)She sings a song of endless summer days and green abundance.

Seeds are forming. (8)Fruit develops and ripens. (9)Blackcurrants darken and plump out.

bealtainecottage.comGeraniums spill out from under Blackcurrant bushes. (10)Lady’s Mantle flowers and falls over, drunk with summer! (11)And the Bealtaine Angel is surrounded by rose petals at Summer Cottage.


  1. Hi – I posted a while ago re visiting (Veronica from Tipperary on a wild acre) – I could come on any Saturday or Sunday – you let me know what date and time suits.


  2. Thank you for our recent visit. Your gardens are magical. The tranquility we felt was superb. We are working on becoming even more sustainable. We should all try to live the simple life. Thank you for sharing your home. Bob and Johanna (from Massachusetts)

  3. I second the notion that this blog does the soul good. I find myself thinking of these photos on the days when life gets hectic. Thank you so much for this!

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