Insanity Permaculture 025

There are problems all over the Earth.

I don’t have to make a list…you know what is happening that is causing so much concern.

The problems are all rotating around destruction and involve peoples of all cultures and religions. Permaculture 039

Despite all our differences, there is really only one common denominator we all share…Mother Earth! Permaculture 043

Despite years of belonging to a particular religion, of all the sermons I listened to, the words, “Mother Earth,” were never mentioned by any man.

Surely we need to teach our children love and respect for our home?

Surely this should be at the forefront of all religious teaching? Permaculture 046

The one missing element of understanding is Mother Earth.

The “Financial Markets,” predicated on what is extracted from Mother Earth, care little for the destruction caused in extractive processes.

What is left behind, the degradation and loss, is of no concern. Permaculture 048

The “Markets,” are talked up and down, as though there are multiple Earths!

We know there is only one. Permaculture 050

Sacred is not to be found in Bank Vaults; Parliaments; Stock Exchanges; Temples; Churches…but on where each one of us is today: Mother Earth. Permaculture 059

Each bomb, bar of gold, barrel of oil, tank of gas, is painfully extracted, at great environmental cost…the real price of which is never, ever measured; for to attempt to do so would crash all the economic markets! Permaculture 061

We are living in denial, in a Disneyfied world of our own warped imaginings, where the insane is justified and mainstream! Permaculture 076

At some point we may just realise that… Permaculture 051

…our greatest common bond is not our humanity, it is what nurtures our humanity…our Mother. 


  1. It’s really scary how the so called “elite” are running this world. Secrets kept from us all. Not sharing the wealth. Violence by uneducated and educated folks.. What’s going on at Yellowstone?

  2. Amen to your thoughts, Collette! I wholeheartedly agree with you! But as you’ve alluded to in earlier posts, such a change as is needed will only come very slowly to avoid disastrous difficulties for millions of innocent people, or overnight, in a massive collapse which will mean the death of millions anyway. Which is better? How can we change, yet avoid unnecessary suffering? Nobody seems to have thought that through as yet.

    Certainly, no God is going to swoop down from the heavens and rescue us, not will some alien civilization. Somehow, we have to figure it out for ourselves. Could this be a test of our civilization by “The Universe” to see whether or not we deserve to have a place in it? Will we pass the test? I wonder!

    • All those thoughts go through my mind, at different levels and times.
      This much I know…each one of us is on a sacred journey.
      Each one of us must find it in ourselves to make peace with Mother Earth.
      Each one will make the many.
      Blessings X

  3. What you say is so very true. I am at peace when I hear the birds, bees and other creatures. The scent of herbs, trees, bushes annd flowers swooths. After a venture to the “city” it is so welcoming to bond with Mother Earth. You are a remarkable person.

  4. Very true, but I despair when the people currently in power such as the bosses of the huge corporations don’t see this. They have a selfish ‘get rich quick mentality’. Perhaps they don’t have children or grandchildren? Or more likely they think that passing on money to them is more important than passing on a healthy planet. As John May said “When the last tree is cut and the last fish killed, the last river poisoned, then you will see that you can’t eat money.”

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