Today 011

The day starts in the dark…making late October mornings seem magical and filled with hope. 026

Walking in the gardens to empty the ashes, open the hen house and collect kindling as the sun rises on this, my birthday. 039

And later, a gift arrives from someone I used to share much of my life with…my ex-husband is now very supportive and appreciative of the work I do at Bealtaine. 031

In fact, Bealtaine Cottage has become a place of healing, whether it be human rifts, environmental devastation or spiritual despair…the energy here takes it all in and rebalances the problem with copious amounts of kindness and compassion, the love of the Great Mother. 040

And as the morning is illuminated by the late-rising sun, my eldest daughter arrives with a home-made cake. Nothing is better than a cake made with love and good energy…the power of the hands infused into the soul-food! 041

The cake is vegan and chocolatey and demands a big pot of tea…

And I especially love that my children move with ease between my name and my title, of Mother.

Today I am Colette…my birth name.


  1. I come here the day after your birthday so my blessings are for yesterday, today and all of your tomorrows. The beauty and solace that you have created for so many of us Colette is such a gift; may you know how much you have inspired us all to truly see what is important. Many quiet joys to you on this week of your birthday.

    • PS. And please CONTINUE to be so genuine and committed to your dream! There is a family in California that started out much like you-with similar goals and dreams. Somehow, though, along the way they started becoming very commercial and now their entire website just seems like advertisements for any money making business. I guess they just did what they felt they had to do to keep their heads above water, or maybe the adult children were leaning in that direction and the father who started it, and is my age, just allowed them to take it in a new direction. Either way it was very disheartening! Your web site shows that a person CAN live this lifestyle and remain REAL about it! Thank you!

  2. Happy Birthday Dear Friend! Your legacy shall live on long after your gone! You have fired up a lot of good people who believe in what you are doing! So a true salute to who you are and what you believe in…of which I am truly one! hugs, bj

  3. That’s wonderful Collette! I’m so pleased that Bealtaine Cottage has helped to heal the unhappiness between your ex-husband and yourself. The flowers and the cake look divine! This was another lovely post and so touching.

  4. Happy birthday Colette! I know you already celebrate every day you spend in the wondrous bounty of the Earth, but this day is a chance for you to take stock and drink a toast to yourself. So, with all of us who treasure you and your inspiring life and work, cheers to you Colette! (our’s is a rather nice Shiraz). May the coming year surpass all your hope and expectations. Blessings and abundance from the wild west XXX

  5. Have a great Birthday..May get to visit next May when I am back in Boyle.Gerardette(Gerri)..Blessings from Ladysmith Vancouver Island..We change the clocks this weekend…

  6. Happy birthday….hoping you enjoy the rest of your day too….the cake looks devine, as do the georgous flowers…..thank you for continuing to inspire us all….much love xxx

  7. Happy Day of Birth !!
    Bless You with Health,Courage and Wisdom.
    For all You do and have done, placing a smile on thousands of peoples
    lives,when We all have the opportunity sharing the pictures of Bealtaine.
    Thank You.

  8. A very, very, Happy Birthday Colette! May the Goddess always keep you safe in Her hands and bring you many more blessings over the coming year. Enjoy your day and that scrumdiddlybumptious cake! (Cara’s recipe would be much appreciated too!) Big hugs from West Wales! Blesséd Be. X

  9. Many heartfelt wishes for a beautiful (and delicious!) birthday. Thank you too for your continual inspiration ~ your shared values, ideals and reverence for the things all of your readers mutually hold dear and sacred makes one feel less alone.Reading your post renews my spirit when it starts to flag and feel hopeless in the light of all the negative that surrounds us as well as mirrors my own thoughts and beliefs. So glad you chose to share your life there . Hoping you will celebrate many more lovely birthdays in your little bit of paradise.

  10. Have a lovely birthday! Thank you for your inspiring blog posts, I love reading them. We’re getting ready to order lots of bare root trees for our 3/4 acre plot, mostly native. We tackled the back garden over 5 years ago, the trees are thriving and it’s so full of life, so many birds visit. Now we’re working on the front which is a bigger area, about half the plot, just some grass there at the moment, and an area where I’ve sown a wildflower meadow. I can’t wait to be surrounded by trees! Thanks again for all your inspiring work.

  11. For a perfect birthday, all that is needed is a reminder that we are loved. Beats anything in my view. Happy Birthday. Any chance of the cake recipe?!!

  12. Such a beautifull birthday! I have the same book on my dining chair at the moment (I had to tell you). I am a lover of willow, too.

  13. Dear Colette, a most heartfelt birthday wish to you and prayers for a coming year of blessed and magical moments to sustain you.

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