Time to Redefine Beauty

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An old perfume bottle sits atop a stone, moss growing around it, soon enveloping and covering it…such is the growth in a wet climate like Ireland!

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The beauty of such a small thing never ceases to amaze me!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…maybe some people see this as only waste or junk…but see what Mother Nature makes of it!

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Beauty abounds in Nature.

It’s as though everything she touches manifests magic, transforming the mundane into the majestic.

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The gardens have lost their bloom, but little of their colour and the raw bareness of an early winter morning does not distract from their beauty.

Nature, when aided, cannot help herself.

She is the ultimate cover girl!

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Even the veranda on a cold November night is transformed into something more than what it is, as it takes on the magic of the night.

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The last of the Perlagoniums, the orange rose-hips and the battered old candelabra, together make a stunning début, without flash or enhancements!

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Wherever there are natural elements, you will find beauty and peace.

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As a society we have redefined beauty to express and value the bawdy and degraded.

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The Romantic Poets expressed a veneration for Mother Earth and redefined the beautiful for us.

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We have allowed the chemical barbarism of the late 20th and early 21st centuries to convince us of the beauty of the man-made. It’s time we re-defined beauty!


  1. A quote from the book I’m currently reading:

    “You are a solar powered biological being, symbiotically co-evolved with plants, fungus and bacteria, primarily functioning to process and concentrate plant soluble nutrients in exchange for fruits, nuts, grains and other food.” – Ben Falk quoting Buzz Fever

    I felt relieved at the idea that nature is probably using humans in the same way it uses birds and other animals. Our body accumulates nutrients, processes them, turns them into something more complex than minerals, stores the product of this transformation for a little while and finally releases it into nature once the human journey is over.

    I don’t think we can destroy or irreversibly damage nature. What we can do is turning the environment into something that can’t keep us alive anymore, something that will bring us to extinction. Nature, in its own time, will revert what we’ve done and manifest itself as it always does. Once a ball of lava, it became forest. When the entire planet will be a very large parking area made of concrete, man will disappear and few hundred of thousand years later everything will be green again 🙂 Cheers.

    I love these photos from your garden in Winter, Colette. I really love this season and its mists.

  2. Sometimes I think that mankind is the biggest threat to nature and then I come here and see one of mother natures finest co-workers and am both inspired and filled with hope. I realise we can also, potentially, be her greatest friends.

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend x


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