Circling Celebrations 031

Winter is the time for comfort, for
good food and warmth, for the touch
of a friendly hand and for a talk beside
the fire:  it is the time for home.

Edith Sitwell 032
                   And so the story of Autumn and Winter begins, not in cold and dark, but comfort and light. 027
                                                 A time to take stock and nestle into home. 019
                                 A time for simplicity of food before the excitement of Samhain. 028
                We move inexorably through the year, circling around celebrations, family and friends. 030
         This is what it means to be part of a society…planning and sharing the days we look forward to, as well as bringing camaraderie and support on days less well favoured. 005
                As I uploaded these photographs this morning, I enjoyed a sense of timelessness. 021
            Even as I move around Bealtaine on my own, the sense of ‘with others’ pervades the air. 022
                              Perhaps, in the world we cannot see, there are many around us. 023
                                                             This would not surprise me.
                        My mother often said she felt surrounded by people here at this little cottage.
                                                                              I do too. 024
                                      “In a way Winter is the real Spring–the time when
the inner things happen, the resurgence of nature.”

Edna O’Brien 006
                                                           Like Edna, I look forward to the
quiet time of Winter, for the quiet solitude; a time for contemplation. 007


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  1. have a look at the description of the Danish concept of Hygge(my timelineFacebook) it sums up your sentiments exactly.A cosiness of the soul !

  2. That feeling of “not really alone”, is very familiar.
    How can we not be surrounded by the myriad energies of those who have been before us?
    And I believe, as you have done with Bealtaine Cottage and Gardens, that creating good, positive space, encourages good spirits and drives away any negative.
    Genius Loci ~ spirit and protector of place.
    Human and spirit, working together.

    It’s that certain “something” that visitors often remark on, in a positive way, but can’t quite place what “it” is.
    Love that feeling 🙂

  3. Bealtaine is a magical place. But you have created a home…a haven for you and the spirits in your life.
    Amazingly living here in the city with my flowerpot garden, my personal art gallery, the wonderful herbal pharmarcy that I have amassed and the business that I am slowly building with my Celtic knitting and herbalism, my spirit is calm and so are the spirits that surround me.
    Living alone has its moments, but like you I am surrounded by beauty. Unfortunately I no longer have access to the gardens, but take pride in the pots of plants I raise organically.
    My windows are often filled with jars filled with oils infused with herbs, providing color and eventual material for salves.The rest I must purchase elsewhere.
    I suddenly find myself wondering how we have reached the end of November…time has passed so quickly. We are currently facing a big snow storm this day…the first of the season for our area. I need to make more products to ready for the holiday rush.
    Gladly I don’t have time to be lonely anymore…I treat holidays as just another day.
    I am most thankful that I survived my accident 6 years ago and became an internet surfer during my recovery. That is how I met you my friend.
    You and your blog bring so much joy into my day!

    • It’s so lovely and uplifting to hear your story, Betty. Please feel welcome to post links to what you do and sell, for I know your devotion to what you believe in. Blessings and hugs XXX Colette

  4. None of us are ever alone… Colette the people who have gone before you and loved that land are still there, still supporting you and smiling. Unseen, but still very much there 🙂

  5. Thank you for the peace and beauty that emanates from this essay. Love the Edna O’Brien quote and have never seen it before. Blessings. Alice

  6. Very beautiful. I am 65 and have been alone since my divorce at age 50. Bad health forced me to partially retire in 2010 and stop working in 2013. I wish after all these years that I could learn to cope with the loneliness! I had hoped to do something similar to what you have done but health prevented it. Not fitting in with mainstream society can be very isolating and lonely! Your posts give me inspiration, and maybe some time before I die I will find my PURPOSE in life and stop feeling so out of touch and lonely!

    • Once, when living in London, after my divorce, I too felt as you do. I did something very simple, which may or may not be in your capabilities…I volunteered at a local charity shop. I now look back upon that time as one of great change in me, for I was able to be with people and feel useful and wanted. This may not suit you, but thinking along these lines may help you to enjoy life more. Blessings and hugs XXX Colette

      • Your cottage is looking so cosy in the winter Collette, I love the fire place especially. You are living life in peace, and are totally free. I like the winter too, it is more quite that is for sure. I will not be participating in that consumer frenzy this Christmas either, I am hand making gifts for my friends. I will be making T light mosaic candle holders from jars,

        Anonymous lady above sorry to hear of your bad health. Just because you have retired from work, this does not mean you no longer fit in with mainstream society. It is time for you to now live and enjoy your freedom. Sadly if we are no longer consuming and earning money society can seem as if its excluding people. This should not be happening to people. There are adult colleges that run art courses or cookery anything that you are interested in you can take up now, if you feel well enough. Good place to meet people and be creative. Take care xx

          • This is an excellent reminder for “complainers” like me. Instead of whining about the society we live in, we need to realize we have more power than we realize in defining the society we live in.

            Love what you’re doing and your posts. We are at the beginning of the same road you took a decade ago. Very exciting (and overwhelming sometimes). Thank you for your guidance in what Mother Nature can do!

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