“I don’t just use yarn from a store. I buy old sweaters from consignment shops. The older the better, and unravel them. There are countries of women in this scarf/shawl/blanket. Soon it will be big enough to keep me warm. ”
Laurie Halse Anderson, Wintergirls


I love that quote.

Her words sum up for me the magic in up-cycling…materials already infused with the energy from other lives.


 Energy is vital to our lives, not just what keeps us warm and dry, but what inspires us. many of us feel the energy of the full moon such as happened last night…it was a sparkling energy and one that had me fully awake at 6am today.


The lovely energy one gets from holding a precious item, for that is all abut the energy it has been infused with.


Have you ever noticed how small children often cling to an item given to them by a parent and often keep it near their mouth, as a way of scenting and tasting that energy.


We are aware of how important it is for a baby in an incubator to have its mother as close by as possible, yet glass separates them!


Somehow, this most important of energies, love, flows into the incubator and comforts the infant child. In these times of awakening, we are coming to understand the power of unseen energy…that of the spirit.


“The energy of life entering and leaving your body flows evenly throughout the universe. With that current, the mind of the cosmos communicates with all things.”
Ilchi Lee  


“Our exclusive dependence on rational thought and language has obscured our natural ability to sense the flow of energy.”
Ilchi Lee 


And it is that flow that we are immersed in throughout our lives.


It is that flow which we can influence at all times.


Our disconnection from the essence of who and what we are causes us immense pain at times. DSCF0777

We are as disconnected from that universal flow of energy, as the premature baby in an incubator left alone.


The quiet peace of Midwinter is a time for us to begin that immense and wonderful journey of reconnection.


A message received from Patrick…

Hi Colette

I’ve been following and enjoying your blog for several weeks now. I should have been coming to Ireland from the UK with my partner in the New Year to start our own smallholding .. However she had a tragic accident last Monday and is now in a coma with an uncertain future. I have decisions to make, but I am at a loss , I don’t know what to do. I need the help and intervention of a higher being ! Please can you and your followers have Jess and I in your thoughts, Patrick.


Patrick, it is done…my blessings to you and Jess XXX


Thanks for your support in sustaining and developing this site.



  1. Collette …… Thank you for posting my message. Jess remains in a coma , but is showing slight positive signs. No one knows what the final outcome will be : that it’s all about time and healing and months and years. Our dream will will now remain a dream ; but at least we had the dream! Thank you all for your good wishes ; it means a lot and please keep us in your thoughts I will let you know sometime in the future what the final outcome is . Patrick.

    • You will both be held fast in good wishes and your dreams will come true…keep them warm. Sleep allows the body to heal and regenerate…Jess sleeps as we keep mindful of her health and wellbeing. Know that you are both surrounded by love with many, many good people praying for Jess. Be strong and hold fast. Blessings and hugs to you both XXX
      I have posted your original message on the Bealtaine Cottage Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/GoddessGardens There will be lots of prayers and healing energy from the many good people following. XXX
      Colette at Bealtaine Cottage XXX

  2. Oh, the message from Patrick indeed a sad one and my thoughts go to him x
    This quote reminded me of my years as a teenage single Mum of two, sitting in my kitchen at night with my feet on the oven door to keep warm and unravelling secondhand jerseys to reknit – I often thought who the woman who knitted it might have been and thanked her for it 🙂

  3. There is nothing more powerful then the will of of many, whether prayer or wishes. I have a friend who was in similar circumstances who all to well undestands. I shall pass this on to her as well. I too had many a prayer said for me after my accident as well.

    Dear Patrick and Jess, My thoughts and prayers for you go forth on the whirling snow of a northeaster. Yet I know that they will meet their intended mark as they will be accompanied by a host of many from around the world as this message travels near and far. Bless you both…

  4. Colette

    That message from Patrick is heartbreaking. Imagine the plans, the hopes, the imminent move, the excitement, all dashed by irrational fate. His partner Jess sounds extremely poorly. Please pass on our thoughts and hopes to them both. They need us and we need people like them.


  5. Having a smile at your first quote. My wife once obtained an old pullover for which she liked the wool, with just that intention, unraveling it. Unfortunately the garment must have been made by cutting pattern shapes out of flat sheets of knitting and somehow sewing them up without the pattern pieces coming apart. When she went to ‘rip it back’ (as those knitters say) the wool was just in 2 foot long strands, the width of the pattern piece!

  6. I feel the same way about ‘things’, Colette; there is an energy in things made/used/loved by others that nothing new will ever hold for me (unless handmade with intention, of course). I will keep Patrick and Jess in my thoughts and prayers. That’s a difficult challenge to meet. Love and blessings to them and to you, and thanks for passing on the request. I haven’t been here often for a while, so this was very serendipitous. ~ Linne

    • It is extraordinary Linne, just how serendipitous life can be, for no sooner had I written this blog, but this message from Patrick appears. I felt it the right thing to do to add it onto this page. Blessings to you X

    • A lovely post Colette

      We do need to reconnect again, it is times like this that make you see what is really important in life. It is not working non stop, and never seeing our family. Constantly consuming at the shops, designer labels, cosmetic surgery, the latest handbag just to fit in, who cares!! It is all false and fake. It is not what we want or need is it. Being with our loved ones, connecting with others, and a more simpler lighter life is all we need. I too like to shop at charity shops. The items always feel more interesting, unique and soulful. A lot cheaper too.

      To Patrick

      I was so sad to read about your wife Jess. I will be thinking of you both, and I will pray that Jess will make a speedy recovery, so you can both live your dream of having that small holding in Ireland. I wish you both well and send huggs xx

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