A Loaded Gun

“Western civilization is a loaded gun pointed at the head of this planet.”
Terence McKenna

Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture Feb 2011 022

I was shocked when I first read this quote!


However, it is not a statement I can debate, because, from where I am at this moment in time, I have to agree.

It is short and succinct!

It is true.

Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture

Returning recently from a shopping trip to Sligo, my head aching from the slow trawl around shops, keeping apace with other shoppers, most of whom seemed in a trance-like state, almost zombified; it struck me that many were there as a source of passive entertainment.

Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture

Shopping has become a pastime for many.

What does this say about our society?

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Is it merely that we are nothing more than consumers?

Let’s face it, our governments have long since created the global economic model upon that premise, that we are consumers of a vast global shopping mall.

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I live in the EU, where the government in Brussels are continually at odds with people, like myself, who demand a more democratic representation of our views.

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Many of these disagreements focus around the EU contamination by big business and corporations which run inherently different policies to the representation of the people.

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Those I speak with, especially on the Bealtaine Cottage website, are sickened and angry with such things as the TTIP, Monsanto, agricultural policies and suchlike!

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For my part, I loathe guns and any analogies to them.

I do not want to be part of a loaded gun pointed at Mother Earth!

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Yet, we are governed in a way which is opposite to what we believe to be right!

Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture landscape

I was happy to get home from shopping.

My head was sore!

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All the over-wrapped, cheaply produced goods made me feel sick.

Plastic and chemicals that I knew my beautiful Mother Earth would have to deal with!

Bealtaine Cottage willow, beech and dogwoods

As the car turned into the entrance to Bealtaine, I heaved a sigh of relief.

Bealtaine Cottage Feb 2011 019

I imagine that feeling to be an integral part of what the land releases on a daily basis…

Bealtaine Cottage Feb 2011 007

I can’t change the system of corruption within government, but I am aware of its inexorable collapse…for this madness is not sustainable.

Bealtaine Cottage Feb 2011 013

We all know, like the Titanic, it’s going down.

Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture

And, like the Titanic, those on the bridge can neither see the disaster in front of them, nor believe their vessel to be so easily destroyed.


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  1. Each of the small acts we perform in care of the earth matters. I do feel hopeless quite often but my work as a seed grower and all the people like yourself that are doing their part to live a more relevant and “sacred” life, give me hope. My sacredness is totally about how we treat one another and this incredible planet we live on. Sometimes I just can’t imagine how people are not paralyzed in awe of her every day. Blessed be XXX

  2. So very much in agreement with your thoughts Colette, I feel that I cannot take to shopping and it makes my head spin with too much choice of goods that are, like you also mentioned, over packed and just going to pollute our beautiful earth. I’ve now taken to recycle even such things as presents for weddings or anything, there is a total over production of good and stuff. Your blog entry very much appreciated.

  3. Hi Colette, I think Terence McKenna was one of the world’s greatest thinkers and possibly something of a prophet too. I used to feel the same way shopping – and I still do – but I mainly I feel sorry for all those people who are still in the matrix – thinking that THEY are normal and not realising how unhappy they are. It is great to see so many like minded people responding to your blog and it is a comfort to know that we are not the only ones who think this way. Here in Connemara there is a new FB page for swopping and bartering so it will be interesting to see how well it is utilised. Sending you lots of love and good wishes from us here in the West. x

  4. My husband and I just talked of this the other day. How very disheartening it can be to go out to shop. So much useless stuff for sale and so many souls who seem to have no depth or purpose. It is so good to read and share with folks who are like minded as to doing something to help Mother Earth. Lifts the spirit. Thanks much! “Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”.

  5. What a great analogy! The people on the Titanic truely believed the ship was unsinkable. They believed that man had built something that could not fail. Such faith did they have in “progress”. So too I think it is inconceivable to many people today that Western Civilization could collapse. They believe that technology will fix any problems that should arise. And so they just go about their business without a thought to the consequences of their actions. When will we ever learn?! Great post! Patti

  6. I know the anguish that you feel. Our newly elected Republican Congress just voted down a Clean Water Bill which I know our President will veto, but just the thought that they would jeopardized our health for the almighty dollar is beyond my realm of understanding! I do say that I have been ill, I have just finally felt up to really lookingat your blog again. Despite the subject matter, with which I so definitely agree, I found such solace in your beautiful Bealtaine! Thank you dear Colette! xxbj

  7. Haai
    I live in Belgium
    and enjoy your mails and photo’s very much
    writing to you is not simple
    but now that I support you and hope to visit you one day
    I hate shopping to
    and so I don’t do it
    I never go further then the local bio shop
    all the rest I need I buy on the internet

    Blessed be

  8. Hi Colette

    I feel exactly the same.Just back from visiting my sister in Dublin. In one area I was aware that many people were high on drugs or alcohol and walking around like zombies. I dipped into some charity shops and then headed for the train home glad to be away from the rat race.  No wonder our 3 kids don’t want to leave their life in the Australian Bush. Might join them yet!

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  9. I agree with you completely. Shopping for me is my worst chore. I seldom to to the mall or Walmart and just going to our grocery store literally makes my stomach hurt. Looking at all the unreal foods for sale. I come home to my back yard an take a deep breath and look around at what is real and relax again..

      • ~Morning, afternoon for you Colette! I resonate so much with what you said in your blog this day, I hate shopping especially in Malls I cannot even remember the last time I went. As you say they are like zombies, or chickens without there heads wondering around! We are in dire straights …at the cliffs edge. Some miracles will have to be performed if we are ever going to turn back from the edge. but you and I are rejoicing in a small miracle this day..with our new arrival for his sake I pray, to the mother Goddess that she hears our plea for a better world a just one…now and soon! Love you to you dear soul sister …Susan~

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