Hens, Compost and St Patrick’s Day at Bealtaine Cottage


Collecting fresh laid eggs from the hen house on the morning of St Patrick’s Day at Bealtaine Cottage.

Step inside the Hen House with me to see where the girls have laid… then over to the tunnel to check on the seedlings.

I explain how the compost toilet system is so simple and easy and essential!

Finally, walking around the front of the cottage to delight in the quickening growth of the season! 



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  1. Happy First Day of Spring, Collette! And Thank You for your inspiring St. Patrick’s Day video. I’m going to plant a Ribes sanguineum in my daughter’s garden, for the bees!

  2. Yet again another delightful video,beats television anyday!We have rather large rats around the outskirts of Birmingham,I see a few when I walk along a main road and our local park we have seen lots!You cheer my day up no end,your St Patrick’s Day looked a perfect way to spend it!My son was born 24yrs ago today,I remember the family next time in hospital called their son Patrick!Blessed Be 💚💛

  3. blessings to you colette on such a lovely day, and yes we have small mice that lived in our shed but the last big storm it was destroyed, and my hubby thought i was mad because i worried that where would the little mice live now, yes im mad but in a good way.
    love and light
    gail x

  4. Agree with you about the pelargoniums being traditional, they have to be red for me. I have rats because of the chickens. I recently invested in a type of chicken feeder from New Zealand, I won’t name it. The chickens have to stand on a treadle to expose the food. The treadle is down and the feeder open for the first week, to stop them being spooked by the treadle moving. I am on week two, where the treadle goes down a little and they can feed. They seem to have got used to the noise of the treadle and can embark on week three, where the treadle is up and the food part closed. The theory is that the rats aren’t heavy enough to open it, unless they jump on in gangs! The feeder is expensive, but I don’t want my neighbours moaning about the rats.

    • Your neighbours have rats, only not in their homes…but they are there! Rats have a place in the eco-system, as have mice…not that we’re supposed to like them! Water rats are beautiful to watch…I have those too!

  5. Colette, I hope you are aware of the gift YOU give the Earth in return! Just hearing your calm, soothing voice as you walk around your beautiful property cheers me up! Blessing from Boston on St. Patrick’s Day!

  6. That was lovely Colette! thank you for the beautiful walk about through the gardens, I am so excited to receive my cutting in the mail so I can enjoy the Ribes and Fuschias ! and my bee friends can too! Blessed Be <3

  7. Thankyou for the lovely walk around the garden.Bright and sunny here today ,yesterday’s snow has melted !
    The bees were on the hellebore flowers this morning,something else they like

  8. You are so right about the RATS! 3 winters ago, the lady who used to rent the house next door to me (charlotte NC-big city!) awoke at 3 am and saw a HUGE RAT streaking across her kitchen floor! She is an immaculate housekeeper and actually has no pets. It took her landlord quite a while to irradicate them! 2 months prior I spent Halloween evening helping her give out treats and had taken my rescue dog at that time along with me. Rhiannon literally lay across the kitchen doorway and just stared toward the sink and stove. We could NOT persuade her away. It was kind of eerie and I joked about spirits in the house for Samhain. The rats were coming up under the kitchen sink and Rhiannon obviously sense them!

    My version of your bamboo is Rose of Sharon trees. They LITERALLY spring up like mushrooms all over my yard!

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