This is What Goddess-Inspired Permaculture Looks Like!

Enjoy this morning’s video, shot in the rain-misted splendour of the Goddess Gardens.


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19 thoughts on “This is What Goddess-Inspired Permaculture Looks Like!

  1. Such abundance! And so beautiful as well; a real joy to experience and learn from. My own garden is coming along, and I’m incorporating a lot of what I’m learning from you into it – mulching with abandon, lots of chop & dropping, and cramming as much plantings in as I can. Thank you, as always, for sharing. x


  2. hi Colette! Give a big hug to Jack for me!
    And I wanna add that through you jI am finally learning how make a good real compost! We are near autumn now…winter is coming…but I still have a lot to do in my garden..Next year, I will add vegetables amongst my flowers! Thanks to you! Have a good day!


  3. Thank you, Collette. Another beautiful video. 😊 What a gorgeous place you and Mother Earth have created. I live vicariously through you when you tour the gardens. I could almost feel that beautiful warm rain. Thanks again xx

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  4. I think I heard the Cuckoo towards the end of the walk, and I just got my first wind spinner because i’m always dazzled by yours hanging throughout the gardens and if not mistaken it looked like I could see your crystals hanging in the trees from your veranda! …..such a magickal morning ❤

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  5. I have surely enjoyed the Saturday morning tour. I have just returned from my own walk around seeing my own garden . I was just thrilled to hear the birds singing to me directly from Ireland. Good morning, dear friend.

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  7. Thank you Colette for another lovely video , you don’t know how much you have inspired me. It’s lovely and sunny in Kent. I love Jack he is beautiful and I hope little Sammy Bear is ok too. I have been growing seeds and splitting plants and most of my earth is covered now. Sitting here listening to the Cuckoo. Thank you . Blessings to you all xxxx

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      • Yes and I’m most happiest when I’m in my little paradise. Every time I come home from work and walk in my garden it just makes me smile and as you say , it can be very emotional just looking and listening to the beauty. How lucky we are that we do not crave anything else xxx

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  8. I just love that you saved the Shasta daisy! I try not to feel despondent that West Sussex council cut all the verges on 30th April, not even allowing the Cow Parsley to grow, and this is a rural area where beautiful wild flowers abounded in the verges and hedgerows. I wonder if this isn’t the worst council in England. I consider these people to be environmental criminals. It is so sad that there is no connection to the earth with what appears to be the vast majority.

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