1. Such abundance! And so beautiful as well; a real joy to experience and learn from. My own garden is coming along, and I’m incorporating a lot of what I’m learning from you into it – mulching with abandon, lots of chop & dropping, and cramming as much plantings in as I can. Thank you, as always, for sharing. x

  2. hi Colette! Give a big hug to Jack for me!
    And I wanna add that through you jI am finally learning how make a good real compost! We are near autumn now…winter is coming…but I still have a lot to do in my garden..Next year, I will add vegetables amongst my flowers! Thanks to you! Have a good day!

  3. Thank you, Collette. Another beautiful video. 😊 What a gorgeous place you and Mother Earth have created. I live vicariously through you when you tour the gardens. I could almost feel that beautiful warm rain. Thanks again xx

  4. I think I heard the Cuckoo towards the end of the walk, and I just got my first wind spinner because i’m always dazzled by yours hanging throughout the gardens and if not mistaken it looked like I could see your crystals hanging in the trees from your veranda! …..such a magickal morning <3

  5. I have surely enjoyed the Saturday morning tour. I have just returned from my own walk around seeing my own garden . I was just thrilled to hear the birds singing to me directly from Ireland. Good morning, dear friend.

  6. Thank you Colette for another lovely video , you don’t know how much you have inspired me. It’s lovely and sunny in Kent. I love Jack he is beautiful and I hope little Sammy Bear is ok too. I have been growing seeds and splitting plants and most of my earth is covered now. Sitting here listening to the Cuckoo. Thank you . Blessings to you all xxxx

      • Yes and I’m most happiest when I’m in my little paradise. Every time I come home from work and walk in my garden it just makes me smile and as you say , it can be very emotional just looking and listening to the beauty. How lucky we are that we do not crave anything else xxx

  7. Thank you so much for this film. I’m sitting in my polytunnel watching it over in Italy. I envy your rich, black soil!!! Julia

  8. I just love that you saved the Shasta daisy! I try not to feel despondent that West Sussex council cut all the verges on 30th April, not even allowing the Cow Parsley to grow, and this is a rural area where beautiful wild flowers abounded in the verges and hedgerows. I wonder if this isn’t the worst council in England. I consider these people to be environmental criminals. It is so sad that there is no connection to the earth with what appears to be the vast majority.

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