1. Thank you for the lovely sit and conversation! good day to you and Jack, Sammy too <3

  2. Oh the video made me think back to my two little Cairn Terriers, Bubbles and Squeak, they were my babies, Bubbles was 14 when we lost her she was diabetic so we had to inject her every day with insulin, and we lost squeak a year later at 15, they were twins. I still cry over them now. Since them we seem to get little stray cats comming to see us, but Blackie has adopted us as his mum and dad and lives here. I adore Jack, oh those loving, trusting eyes… Beautiful xxx

  3. Ah, I’ve watched this while sitting at the bottom of our garden, listening to the birds (mostly rooks at the minute!!) and feeling very at peace. Missing only our “Jack” AKA Samwise, who has long departed, what a great companion Jack is! Beautiful post, thanks Colette. Lynne.

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