Creating a Bee and Butterfly Garden

A new garden!

permaculture cottage july 2011 003A big task is underway. It’s a labour of love for the Butterflies and Bees…so bound to be beautiful, with lots and lots of flowers and flowering shrubs.

September Permaculture at 026This is a garden I have often dreamed of creating, so am very excited about getting stuck in!

DSC01236The video will introduce you to the task in hand…

21 thoughts on “Creating a Bee and Butterfly Garden

  1. The name “Arianne” came to mind so I researched it and it means “Very holy one”. I loved my walk around your garden, I get torn between going out in mine and “walking” around yours. Lol. Either way I am winning.


  2. Colette, I am going to enjoy watching you create this garden in the coming months, especially when I am under lots of Canadian snow, lol.

    What came to mind when I was watching your video was the lotus flower, divine in its beauty & purity & the symbol for spiritual awakening & expansiveness; the leaves of the lotus are always unfolding, very much like what you are witnessing at Bealtaine, yes?

    Or you could call the garden the B&B!



  3. I thought ‘mammys garden’ would be lovely in honour of your beautiful mam :-). really looking forward to it taking shape and form, it has such peacefulness and an aura there already xx


  4. Colette, I found a few ideas for your new blessed garden….In Celtic myth, bees were regarded as beings of great wisdom and as spirit messengers between worlds…… maybe ” Messengers of the Goddess Garden”….I am still thinking on it like a bee in my bonnet ❤ Heather

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