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There comes a point when choices are forced upon one.

I have considered leaving FaceBook ,as my time seems to be getting less and less for this website and indeed did not post for some time on there.

However, I am endeavouring to continue with the site that is hugely popular…Bealtaine Cottage Magical Gardens.

I must also remember…the integrity of the original has to be preserved.

permaculture at bealtainecottage.com 012The original being Bealtaine Cottage and this website.

I began writing, photographing and sharing Bealtaine Cottage back in 2006.

I did so in good faith with the magazine, “Country Living,” only to have all my work pulled and committed to the dead zone of cyberspace about two years later.

It came as a huge shock!

bealtainecottage.com 010The publication had been taken over and new management did not even give contributors like myself time to download and save our work.

It was devastating!

I had not backed up my work as I trusted it would always be accessible!

April 2011 Bealtaine Cottage permaculture gardensFrom that low point came the birth of this website…a place where I could share, in trust, the magic of this sacred little piece of Ireland.

cropped-dsc02856.jpgRecently I have found myself stretched beyond capacity, as I attempted to share more and more on Social Media.

Featured Image -- 21869

It can appear at times that sharing is something of a one-way street! For this reason I am no longer a presence on Twitter…though updates from this website continue to be channelled through.

Bog Oak garden sculptureThis will not alter my natural capacity to want to share, but sharing will, from now on, be concentrated back where I started from…Bealtaine Cottage website.


  1. Hi There Colette
    I did follow you on Facebook, was Lovely to see your posts and beautiful work as i checked for family updates on my FB, i am there for that reason, to keep in touch with family and friends free of charge and share pictures with them, a few of my friends shared in joy of seeing you Facebook posts so i will share this web link, so they can keep up to date with your Garden, home, and words of peace and wisdom. Glad you are ok and that we havent lost this lovely glimpse into your life, its like a little window of surprises, SO will check back here now and then and have now bookmarked this page. Happy Gardening. Y
    ou will be missed on FB xx

    • Thank you so much for your kind support! I miss FB but really found myself strapped for time…with so much to do here at the cottage! But take heart, for I post in the Cottage Journal every day. Blessings to you XXX

  2. Hello Collette, This is my first time posting to you. But I wanted to say how very much your website, photos and your writings are so very much appreciated and incredibly inspiring. Thank you so very much for making the effort to share for the sake of our planet. I’m sorry but I’m not one to ‘like’ things on the web. If people don’t click ‘like’ it doesn’t mean they aren’t thankful for what you are sharing. I am incredibly grateful. I do not use Facebook, for a number of reasons. I personally think it’s a very good decision you have made to leave Facebook. (You will also have so much more time. As you have probably realised it’s an incredible time waster. Think of what people could achieve if they stopped wasting energy there). Thank you again, and that is a very huge thank you. Take care of yourself. From across the other side of the world in fabulous NZ.

  3. Collette, I will always be following you, wherever you post – you, Jack and SammyBear are such an inspiration, and I love to see and hear what you all do, and believe in all of it too.

    I can fully understand the ‘leaving of Facebook’ – I would love to leave it myself, but, sadly for me, it is the only way I can keep in touch with some of my far-flung friends and family, so am biting the bullet, for now. We’ll just see how it goes …

    Much love and blessings to you three

      • I just had a thought… and I really hope everyone will see this post and read it. We are all here telling Collette how sad we are that she is closing down her Facebook sight and that we will continue to follow her here, but there is no reason why we cannot continue to support this beautiful place by sharing our love on our own Facebook pages or Twitter, or where ever! She has lots and lots of videos out there on her channel. Let’s all vow to go to YouTube, watch some of her videos and click that LIKE button. When the screen pops up click the Facebook icon or whatever social media you are on and let it post to your page!! You have no idea how much this helps her YouTube ratings! You would be amazed!!! So let’s all go support Collette right now and watch her videos and start clicking that LIKE button… (the thumbs up button). I have a channel on YouTube and I would be so blessed to have as many supporters as this… so let’s show some love okay everyone??? Who’s in?

  4. I will continue to follow you on your website…..and I have to admit to being guilty of not pressing the like button on your youtube videos after watching them…however I can assure that I love them all! Keep up the good work! much love, happiness and blessings to you dearest Colette xx

  5. Will continue to follow you where ever you are………..oops that’s sounds a bit stalkerish .
    Maura xx

  6. I always enjoy your postings no matter where they are published. However, your decision I think is right: sometimes it is easy to spread oneself too thinly merely by wanting to reach out to as many people as possible. I did try using FB for my little business, but as you found, I didn’t get much response at the expense of my old channels of communication ie my blog and on-line shop. So, I only use FB for keeping up with family and friends outside of business and this works well for me. Anyway, more time for you doing what you love best perhaps!

  7. I have enjoyed your site for years and will continue to do so wherever you post, thank you so much for the years of inspiration.

  8. Sorry you are leaving FB. Will miss your wonderful photos and words of wisdom.
    Will continue to follow you on bealtaine outage.com

  9. I shall miss your FB posts. Your photos are wonderful and you always have something inspiring to say.
    I look forward to continue following you on bealtainecottage.com

  10. I deactivated my FaceBook account in December 2011 after only a year and a half on there. I met my partner David on FB and had many good laughs with friends, but I found FB toxic even back then. It has since undergone so many “improvements” that I know many others have begun to recognize the total drain of energy and time. Really, if you research into FB, you will find it is not a company in alignment with who you are and what you’re aiming to do for the planet, Colette, so I suspect you will find huge relief as you shift gears. I know I did!

    Put it this way, if you’re against the Big Brother patriarchy, it doesn’t get a whole lot more Big Brither patriarchy than a company that gets people to surveil and track themselves, claims access to anything on your computer, admits to illegally experimenting on users without their consent, and censors information that too radically disagrees with the top down, Big Brother, Big Ag, Big Pharmafia. Your life will be the richer for having purged that beast!

    Continued blessings and increased energy and joy to you,

  11. I do understand your decision and have flirted with the idea myself many times…but in balance I see that at least for now, I get much more from FB than what it takes from me: I run a couple of closed groups that have helped people to stay informed and in touch, and I follow many pages where I get not only information and isnpiration but also great connections from amazing people doing amazing things…social media can take a lot of your time and can be discouraging losing all the material you have worked so hard to create, but it is also a tool to keep people connected. I have my blogs and also pay to WordPress but that doesn’t guarantee my material is going to be protected, preserved and available all the time. If I have learned something from life is that it can be uncertain, there are no guarantees anywhere and ultimately, it doesn’t matter. What matters is your work, your love for what you do and how people you have inspired and influenced with it…
    Hugs from Canada

  12. I support your decision Colette and can relate strongly to it. I’m not hardened enough to the aggressiveness of today’s world to venture out much beyond the nurturing activities and ‘tribe’ that I have gathered ’round me. That is the only way that I can keep my heart and spirit safe. Like the ‘dragonfly lady’ said, I guess I don’t get it either. But I do ‘get” Bealtaine Cottage, Colette, Jack and Sammy Bear. Feels like a safe and lovely harbor. xo Linda

  13. Dear Colette,

    Might you consider using a plugin such as Facebook Auto Post, as it will require no further work other than installation and setup? No work for you, updates for your many fans. Best of both worlds.

    Studying and working within the social/media/IT/technical sphere, one (as I), come to note social media is both bane and blessing. It is our current, powerful means of communication, to be harnassed like wild stallions on a rampage. I would pray that you would be inexorable as the wind… for it seems, as is with the most precious, classical art, your contributions may be understood and appreciated by a special few, tho ever-growing. Rather than the numbers; the impact.

    It seems very few understand the import, the gravity, the TREASURE of permaculture and the like at this time, with their busy, inundated lives. Corporate manipulations run high. We are bombarded with mercenary messages. We are pummeled with fear-mongering in the cinema, turning beautiful forests into zones of horror.

    Perhaps, like the very finest of raw, organic fruit and vegetable juices, you and your website can only be appreciated by those who have come to a greater awareness.

    As for Country Living, I feel such loss. Undoubtedly, would have treasured your postings there. But it led to the creation of your websites, where we can see the fulmination of your such inspired workings hopefully for all time.

    Might I bring forth ideas about the design of your WordPress format, template in a private email?

    Blessings and more blessings to you. I find you extraordinarily inspiring.


  14. I fully understand your need to break away from FB. Every now and again I take a break from Social Media and the computer in general. It feels so good, and I accomplish so much. I will always appreciate what you have done and how you inspire us to do our own good for the Great Mother. Blessings to you and Bealtaine Cottage. Look forward to the blogs.

  15. I will miss you on Facebook, your posts brighten my day! I only use it to keep up with my kids and grand kids. I delete or block anything I don’t want to see. I understand the problems with Facebook, sometimes it’s just plane boring, and a waste of time! I am starting a WordPress blog for our gateway garden at our church. I intend it to keep a record of what we plant, but I think I should back it up now on CD or something as well so as not to lose my work there either. Do you think WordPress is a safer place for your work?

    • I have an account with WordPress, so am a private user in that respect and with a contract…so my work is safeguarded as long as I pay my annual subs of 400 euros…which is why I also have a paid subscription website where followers can choose to contribute to. Blessings x

  16. I am glad you will still be posting blog posts. I too just recently deactivated my Facebook account. I find Facebook has lost its way in the sense it used to be for keeping up to date with friends and family. People don’t post “true content” anymore. It’s fluffy stuff or overly dramatic stuff or mostly you only see what other people “like” or comment on. I have no interest in that. It was hard to deactivate in one sense because my late daughter’s account is still up and sometimes I would peruse her pictures and her posts. I have saved all the photos however I don’t see her words now and that was very hard for me to separate from. So, for me to do this, Facebook had to have been really getting on my nerves! It’s been almost a week but I honestly don’t miss it. I will continue to follow you here because you inspire me to keep trying to turn my inner city lot into a little natural oasis. Hugs to you from across the ocean.

    • That must have been difficult indeed! You can cut and paste words from FB too. I am looking forward to writing and blogging on here and hope you enjoy the journey with me! Blessings X

  17. I do understand, I too am spread too thin with blogs and groups and Facebook; I’m glad you’ll still be here.

    In truth, I don’t watch many videos, it’s just not how I process information, and I find it too slow…so it has nothing to do with the quality of your offerings and everything to do with my available time and attention span.

    Sorry about your experience with Country Living…I wrote for the magazine for 11 years and then they summarily fired my editor and art director, and did away with my columns. It’s sad, and I was sad, but things do change, I suppose…

    So do please keep on sharing here! I get notices in my inbox when you do, and enjoy what you offer.

  18. I will follow you where ever you go, we all love and support you and are honored to share in the journey <3

  19. Dear Colette – I had no idea that you began with a blog before WordPress. I am so sorry that you lost your pioneer efforts in sharing your journey at Bealtaine. But there is a lesson to be learned that can apply to all forms of electronic media. I am sorry for your Facebook followers that you are leaving. But I feel your instincts are right. I have never had a good feeling for Facebook. I had it years ago but left when they became a public offering on the stock market because I knew all of our private thoughts would then be for sale to the highest bidder and as I recall FB states that any photos we post become their property. I discovered you via Youtube which led me to your beautiful blog. Your video’s are wonderful and I hit the like button before I even view them because I know I will absolutely love your videos. There are trolls everywhere and if they have been harassing you on FB they might try and follow you to Youtube and to your blog. But the good thing about WordPress is that you can just decline their comments. You can probably delete them from Youtube if it comes to that. I can’t tell you what peace and beauty and sacredness of nature your video’s convey. Your soft and healing voice is like a fresh breeze. The sounds of the birds and other voices of nature are like precious jewels. If your viewers are neglecting to hit the like button it is probably because they are so spell bound watching (like those bees that seem to fall asleep on your flowers feasting on nectar) that it escapes their attention and they forget. I would just consider those thousands of views as likes by default. Youtube is not infallible either and it is important for you to back up all your videos to a DVD or other media if that is possible. Your video’s and blog’s are the holy grail of Goddess inspired permaculture and should never be lost like the dead sea scrolls. I feel strongly that your book will be the answer to both a sustainable income and a sound medium by which to pass your message to a waiting world.

  20. Dear Colette, I cannot agree more with your need to rid yourself of Facebook. I have done so numerous times and have felt a hug sense of release each time! Why, you ask, do I go back and forth on it? Simply put, at certain times in one’s life when you live alone, you just want to know that there ARE people out there, even if it’s a few, who do more than “like” your posts or care about you. Take heart. those of us who discovered you NOT through FB are still your loyal followers and we not only “like” your website and everything we see, LOVE it all and have grown to love you! Keep championing civility for the rest of us. You do it in such a beautiful way!

  21. I understand and I think it’s wise not to spread yourself too thin. Your work is so important. I love your blogs and videos. I struggle with my land and am I inspired by what you’ve done .It gives me hope for positive change in the world. Blessings.

  22. Hi Collette, I understand and support your decision. We are all suffering from information overload. I’m relieved to know that I will still have access to all your wonderful information. I always enjoy reading your posts. Keep doing what you’re doing and know that you are appreciated!!

  23. I do NOT like Facebook. I only rarely access it-mostly if I want to comment on a political article and have to log in with it, or if I am trying to locate a friend I lost touch with. I always end up dropping back out almost immediately.

  24. I really understand your decision Colette and I hope that you will be more at peace and finding more joy in what you do daily than before. I have fallen in love with Bealtaine Cottage and will look forward to seeing how things continue to flourish there. Love and blessings x

  25. Bless you Collette. During this over-extended political scene here in the US, I’m finding I need to pull back–too distressing. You must do what you need to for your own peace of mind. As far as too many people criticizing you, you have the right to live your own life. You’re not harming anyone. The anonymity of social media seems to have given a growing number the cover they need to spew their animosity without accepting any of the responsibility. I join those who will continue to anticipate any of your communications. You help to keep us grounded (no pun intended).😄🌻🐝🌿🌳🌱🌾🌼🌞

  26. I think it would be helpful and healthy for you to quit Facebook. Funnily enough I too have recently deactivated my FB account. There is such a danger I feel with social meeja that we get transformed into needy addicts constantly craving approval and validation for what we put up and that becomes a proxy for for our perceived self worth in the eyes of other social meeja users. It also creates a sense of guilt and obligation on us to constantly like and comment on what others have done or said. If everyone who watches your wonderful videos on YouTube commented then you would feel obliged to read those comments and then reply to them, thus spiriting away more of your precious time that should be spent being and creating in the real world and depriving Jack and Sammy of your loving attention. Like all addictions it is hard to kick and the just a wee bit more leads to hours of our lives lost. Just what you put up on your joyous website is a massive contribution, and is enough. The fact that so many people watch your videos shows that we love them. We do! I first came across the BC website about three years ago when I was searching the net for vegetarian smallholding blogs to inspire and educate me for our forthcoming giving up work and starting the simple life. Your site was my favourite by miles and miles. From the first glimpses of it, I loved it and it was obvious that this was created by a very rare and special person. Keep it simple and don’t feed the monster.
    Paul Howard

  27. Happy to see you know that you are spreading yourself too thin. I don’t care for Facebook but I love your blog and all your helpful information. Thank you again. Has your book been published?

  28. Dearest Collette,

    I don’t blame you for taking this stand. Even though I have taken a break from FB (my elderly parents are not doing well), my plans are to eventually terminate my relationship with Facebook.
    Colette, I will still enjoy each of your beautiful e-mails. Thank you for bringing the brightest of stars, sun rays, moon beams & Rainbows to my side of our Earth. Take care & be blessed forevermore…..

    Love, Peace & Rainbows forever,

    Pam Bretschneider

    Hampton, VA

    (East Coast of the USA)

  29. Always supporting you and your wonderful work, Colette, both through my subscription to Bealtaine Cottage Good Life and in my heart and soul. Your blog inspires and comforts me. I’m so sorry that you have had this experience with Facebook, I use it very little myself and certainly wouldn’t want to present myself to the world. Keep safe here with your friends and followers. Much love, Susan.

  30. I feel the same way about it being a one way street at times. I go out of my way to produce history pieces and a lot of them are in Ireland. I gather the images, do the write up but sometimes the reaction is almost non-existent. Therefore, I can only image when you are trying to do the same and take care of the place at the same time.

    I am glad I found you on here. Thanks so much for all of the brightness you shed 🙂

  31. Facebook for me can be overwhelming as I receive so much information not requested. Sometimes I skip valuable information as i am blind sighted by so much ‘static’ . I look forward to your posts on this site as I am living in a similar situation as you were many years ago, with an overwhelming amount of work to do with our property. When I am feeling the need to give up it is your sharing of hard work and success that reminds me what the outcome can be. You remind me that it is about the important things in life and not the best ‘bling’. Your photos always, always bring a smile. You have shared so much and been so inspiring. I will always be in awe of your energy and commitment… Thank you……Jill

  32. I’m not much of a social media user and in all honesty I rarely use the like button for youtube videos. But, your videos are wonderful and fill me with inspiration often. Don’t lose heart and keep up the good fight! Thank you, very much!
    Greetings from Sweden! xxx

  33. You sound very hurt Colette and that sort of treatment would make me want to retreat from the world. I am glad that I subscribe to your blog so I can still share your journey with you. If I lived near you and not halfway around the world I would have love to have come (upon prior notice of course) and shared a coffee with you. Keep the journey happening. I also share, but still get surprised at the greed of others, I wonder why is that as I have been on this earth 67 years. You would think I would get it by now. Anyway, I digress. Blessings to you. x

      • That’s so disappointing and for the life of me, I cannot understand why anyone would want to attack you. But then there are bullies and cowards out there with too much time on their hands, they should be gardening. I shall keep sharing as I believe so much in what you do.

  34. I have to say I really don’t blame you Collette. I just found your YouTube channel last night when I was searching for videos on Food Forests and Permaculture, and I have to say I am so glad I did find you. I’m in love with your place, your website and all that you are doing there. It is just beautiful!! My dream is to someday be able to visit Ireland and perhaps research my family history there, but we will see. I don’t make very much money, but to be honest I don’t really care that much about “things”. I care about quality of life and enjoying my life for the next 30 or 40 years I have left on this earth… maybe longer. Please don’t ever stop publishing new content on your website, and if you ever need any help with your SEO so that your website gets found to help you out more with your sales, please let me know. I would love to help you with that!! 🙂 I believe in helping people and sharing the love!!

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