1. We also no longer celebrate Christmas the way those around us do. We have learned it is not a Biblically sanctioned holiday so initially dropped it completely. We do however, live the pretty lights and gift giving. We have moved away from commercial (expensive) gifts and are gifting handcrafted items as well as those simply costing our time and effort.
    As we change our whole perspective and, as you, question all we’ve been taught, we are creating a new more holistic existence including our ways of celebration.

  2. I believe that the true meaning of Christmas has been lost in our modern world of materialism. The greatest gift most could receive is the quiet time and space in which to lovingly make handmade gifts for those they love. Sadly so many are caught up in the rat race of making a living that they have been robbed of that quiet time of meditation and reflection. It seems that Christianity has hitched a ride on the old tradition of Midwinter anyway so as to convince the Pagan peoples to convert. It matters not what holiday we celebrate as long as we remember it is about love and gratitude and contemplation of things spiritual and compassion for all living things and sharing with our fellow beings. Beautiful blog Colette. Worth reblogging every Midwinter. I am so grateful to have learned about the ancient Celtic celebrations from you. I find that they more closely follow the natural cycle of nature than the traditional holidays which I guess are more centered on the Julian calendar. According to our traditions Spring begins in May but in the Celtic tradition it would begin in February. And in years past this makes perfect sense because all the first spring flowers emerge in February. However since this year it appears that Scientists are saying we will not have a proper winter here in the US its hard to feel winter. It continues to be warm and sunny during the day in November where I live. Spring and Fall are coexisting in a blend of new emerging flowers along side the color of autumns fallen leaves. Will have to see what December brings. Happy Midwinter.

  3. Yes I agree I love making gifts at Christmas for people, to me it’s about being with my friends and family , homemade food, a cosy get together around the wood burner, lovely walks. I make all my decorations from the garden foliage, and love every minute of it. It means so much to me if I receive a gift that has been handmade. Your photos are beautiful Colette and I love the verse .Blessings to you xxxx

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