1. Dearest Colette, just this night I discovered the news of Jack’s passing. I’ve been missing in action for a while but I’m back now and realized I had not seen Jack so I started searching. I found the answer. I am truly sorry for your loss and I wish you the best. He was a wonderful boy. With love, Susie

    • This is heart breaking. I will miss him deeply. He was such a beautiful adorable little friend that always reminded me of my own. My mothers pet died a few days ago, he was 18 years old, and that reminded me of Jack and now that I’ve gone looking I found this. I was so hoping this wouldn’t be the case. xoxo

    • I am so sorry to hear of Jacks passing…Cant believe i am crying!When i didnt see him in u tube videos i knew something happened…I hope by now you have done some healing……Its so sad our beloved pets dont live as long as we do.💙

  2. Thinking of Jack this morning and missing his presence — though his soul continues to be discernible in the beautiful walkways he romped and so clearly dearly loved. He will always be so much of the spirit that is Bealtaine Cottage — a blessing on the land he knew by heart and soul. He was and ever will be a beloved and boon companion to all who bore witness to his special shine.

  3. Oh Colette, I am so very sorry for the loss of sweet Jack. He was a precious soul. Sending you love from across the pond.

  4. I just watched your two most recent videos today and kept wondering where Jack was, then I read on your website that he had passed away. I am so sorry for your loss – I used to have a German Shepherd so I can relate to what you are going through. He was the main reason I used to watch the videos as he was so adorable and happy looking. My heart goes out to you!

  5. I’m so sorry to hear about Jack.
    I’ve not been keeping up with your posts as I’ve started home educating and other things and time seems to run away from me at the moment.
    I was watching your latest video late tonight and was just wondering where Jack was when you mentioned losing him. I wasn’t expecting to hear that.
    My heartfelt condolences to you.
    I hope you are ok…and although it’s just not the same when we can’t have our pets physically beside us, I hope you can find solace in the many happy, funny memories you have of Jack.
    Big hugs.
    Keri x

  6. Dear Lady,
    Jack was a joy to behold. I believe you will be reunited with your beloved fellow one sweet day….Carry on, and know you both are loved by many souls here on Earth, and in our Heavenly home. May God surround you with peace and love. Blessings from New London, North Carolina, USA.

  7. Dear Collette,

    I had a « Jack » once…her name was Anya. A tri colored girl from the shepherding breed, who possessed the humor, loyalty and devotion we love from these wonderful companions. After she left for the spirit world I mourned for four years…far too long. As it happened at Christmas I was blessed once again with another tri colored puppy-this time a boy whom I named Rowan. I now realize I waited far too long to have another Grace my life. There will never be another Anya or a Jack but I do know they are with us and direct the next companion to our homes. I find it interesting that my heart can extend in such a deep way to a person I have never met…it must be my Celtic DNA. My tears for you are those from my heart to your heart but I will say, my Rowan has made me laugh again. I wish the same to you.
    Charmelle Bernadette and Rowan

  8. I am so sorry. I found you on u tube and have enjoyed you and what you’ve done with your part of our Earth. It always gives me peace and a sense of calm to watch your videos. My heart goes out to you. Marlis 💛

  9. I didn’t want to comment earlier while you were still ” offline” but so sorry about Jack. Your most recent YouTube video was beautiful. You have done so much on your patch of land. It has inspired some of the changes I am making to my garden. Take care

  10. So very sorry to hear the news of beloved Jacks passing, always a bright light in a often chaotic world. He made me laugh and smile so very much when he used to go on his mad runs round and round round the garden as you were filming. I know our pets never really leave us but non the less it is a very difficult time. Bless you and the wonderful Jack with his beautiful soulful eyes he is watching over Bealtaine. All the very best for the future. Love Denise

  11. Dear Collette, Do keep the raw videos coming when you can – as mentioned in another message here – they are the best. Look deep care of yourself. You are incredibly precious to us all. Blessed by to you and to your dear Jack. xxx

  12. Dear Collette, I’m so sorry for your loss. I was devastated when I read the news of Jack passing. Jack was such a sweet companion of a pet. I saw he had ” love” for you, written all over his face when he looked at you. I saw your latest video and I could, and felt there was a big gap or hole in the present of you, and the space of Mother Earth. I will take some time…I feel for you in the time of your loss.You, are in my thoughts . Blessing and prayers send. Barbara, PA,USA

  13. My Dear Colette. I watched your YouTube video yesterday. I was so relieved to hear your voice again and see your beautiful land. I sensed Jack was there with you; he will never leave you. Take your time and keep those videos “raw”, they are the best ones. I hope in time you will share Bealtaine with another four legged friend, canine or feline, perhaps both. Blessings and much love as always. Annie xx

  14. You and Jack have given me much joy the past year since I discovered you on YouTube. So deep sympathy from Robert in New York. I will miss Jack very much
    You are special Colette so please … please … grieve as much as you need and keep posting as you are loved very much.
    With love and appreciation … Robert

  15. So sorry to hear the news of your boy Jack. Our border collies are Jacks age and we are treasuring them in their golden years as they move ever so much slower now. My thought are with you..

  16. I have been watching you and Jack for nearly a year. I am heartbroken for you as he was an absolute joy. He certainly will be missed but I know we will all still see his happy smiling face all throughout your beautiful garden whenever you take us for a walk.
    Take time to heal and many blessings.

  17. Dear, dear Collette, I am so sorry. Do whatever you need to do and whatever time you need.

  18. You are a breath of fresh air and we need you back posting your videos wonderful lady.
    Love and respect to you at this sad time please co e back I need you you make my life worth living xxxrest in peace jack you are a beautiful soul both in life and death we will never forget you xx

    Find strength to return please xxx

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