Walking Challenge…74 Days to Imbolc!

Walking Challenge

Steps Update

Walking is my free energy bank at this time and am loving it! However, I don’t want this platform to be a series of photos and posts about this one, though very important, aspect of my world, so…

I shall keep you updated on a regular basis. Yes, I know this will be more work for me, but, if it inspires you, then it’s worth it!

The promised page will be in the menu section at the top of the website

I began my Walking Challenge on Saturday 19th of November, after making a personal pledge on the day before.

My aim is to achieve 10,000 steps per day!

Day 3 Not quite, but feeling energised and very optimistic about achieving my goal…just warming up I think!

Day 2 and I reached my goal with a bit to spare! It felt great to be walking and enjoying the scenery during this otherwise dark time of the year!

Getting there…motivation increases as I achieve near my goal.

Very happy!

Feeling so much more energetic and positive…I know that the 10,000 goal will become a normal day’s exercise if I just keep at it!

Almost made it, despite a long drive to Belfast today!

In my defence for such a low number of steps, I was travelling for much of the day in a car and got back very late and tired!

Back up to near achieving!

This week I intend making a greater effort!