Permaculture Interest? 30,000 visits to Bealtaine, Ireland.

This is growing on the side of a big log of cut wood near the veranda. Some kind of Fungi…not quite sure and am in the process of scouring books to try to find out! It’s soft, like a giant marshmallow and this is the actual size…but it appears to be growing…

Walking by Lough Key yesterday with the Tomster and his mum…well it WAS Mother’s Day and Tommy wanted to give his old mum a treat! …this tree, magnificent in its ancient grandeur.

Standing right up against it, heart to heart, looking up, skywards, through its giant arms towards the sky…it took my breath away!

And the little boat, nestled into the calm stillness of the lough…

And enough Ramsons, (Wild Garlic), to feed the world, growing everywhere in this massive old estate that was…the heady scent of delicate flavoursome food being carried on the cool, evening air…

…with just enough daylight left to harvest the first Rhubarb of the year and…

…make a Rhubarb Crumble, before saying goodnight to the Tomster and heading off out to dinner, Crumble in one hand, home-made Redcurrant Wine in the other…FRUGAL LIVING?…are you kidding?


  1. I have long been working diligently to watch all of your videos. I know you know that there are probably 1,000 videos. But I am also going to work on getting through as many of your blog posts as possible. It’s all so inspiring!

  2. I found your blog today. I live very near you. I have been agonising over whether me n hubs n kids really CAN have a simple and happy life,especially as we have no money to buy even a hovel. Looking at what you have done, yourself with nature, I believe it is possible, and that I should do it, somehow, starting small. We can do it. You have inspired me with your tenacity and kindness to share your experiences.

    • Thanks Catherine! My smallholding is open to all who want to experience permaculture and have a better life on this Earth. I am planting hanging baskets of food at the moment…easy and ready for food all summer long. The last Saturday of April is ‘Open Garden,’ for all to come and see…for free…just bring a camera to snap any ideas you can take away!

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