The Garden Revolution! Tax Free Food, Drink and Fuel. Permaculture at Bealtaine, Ireland.

Willi Paul from Planetshifter Magazine in America asked me yesterday how I was doing…and I told him…that this year at Bealtaine Cottage Smallholding was on course to be the bumper harvest of all time!

This is the seventh year of permaculture here on the land and the magic of Nature continues unabated. Blossom, the promise of fruit and food, is in abundance this morning!

The Redcurrants are coming…

. What is happening on this earth is crucial to our survival…we need good food, clean water, clean air and a deeper understanding of our Mother Earth. So many writers are beginning to articulate these needs and provide guides for us to be able to start engaging… Bealtaine is here for all to see and gain from. It is not about ME, no pics of ME…it is about the possible overcoming the improbable, about hope and living a better life WITH this struggling planet.

What will be…heavy droplets of blossom promise heavy bunches of redcurrants, for free!

Flowers on one of the plum trees this morning…there is nothing more delicious to eat when feshly harvested from your own trees. These should be planted in every town and village in Ireland, for all to eat and enjoy!

And cherries…lots and lots of sweet cherries…councils should be urged to plant fruit trees in public spaces…why on EARTH not?

Blossom is beautiful, it lifts the spirit and feeds the soul. The fruit that follows feeds all, including the birds. Perfect!


  1. Hello Colette, I either I do not understand that we plant
    in public areas of trees and plants for
    look pretty and we does not plant that’s eaten at
    the place.

    • Hi there Ryan…you’re right, it’s exciting just to be alive around all the energy that Gaia is exuding! I love all the seasons, but Spring is exhilarating!

  2. And cherries…lots and lots of sweet cherries…councils should be urged to plant fruit trees in public spaces…why on EARTH not?

    I wondered that for a while then realised that it’s probably a waste/safety issue – a whole lot of cherries or apples dropped on a pavement would be messy and potentially slippery. No excuse for not having them in parkland or council-managed woodland though.

    • This is interesting…when I visited Romania in 2002, I noticed Plum Trees planted in every town and village I passed through. During WW2 everything was grown everywhere…so health and safety issues can be overcome when it suits governments to do so…and yes, I agree with you, planting sustainable food trees and bushes throughout park and verges can indeed be a great start towards food independence!

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