Permaculture Sunday…Apples, Sweetcorn and more seedlings

More logs wait to be carted around to the barn and stacked ready for the cold winter days ahead!

Valerian grown from seed continues to flower and will do all summer and into the autumn all the time that the seedheads are removed…

Something else grown from seed here at Bealtaine…this gorgeous Poppy this morning in full bloom, all red and frilly like the Folly Bergere!

Blackcurrants and Sage in the Nursery area, again grown from seeds, so 100% permaculture at Bealtaine plants to come. Both of these plants grow very easily from seed scattered into limestone gravel and left to overwinter, before being pricked out and potted on…how simple is that?

This is one of the many apple trees snapped this morning. The harvest is coming on well, with plans for lots of Apple Chutney! The trees continue to be fed with mulched comfrey and nettles.

Painted Mountain, Native American Sweetcorn is a real success in the tunnel, with lots of heads coming to maturity. Definitely one to save seed from!

The Aloe Vera on the sitting room window has had babies!

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  1. Thanks a million. The bright and inviting photo you have of your aloe vera made me go fetch my aloe vera plant, clean it up by brushing its leaves with a piece of cotton and transplant it in a better place. I’m from Cairo, Egypt.

    From Colette :As far as I know, Ashraf, you are the first contributor from Egypt, so you are very welcome indeed! My very best school friend is married to the lovely Medhat El-Hadidy from Egypt…happily wed for many years now…so that’s my tentative connection. Lovely to hear from you!

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