Country Living in Ireland and a Frugal Christmas…

midwinter cottage 013
As the days darken and midwinter approaches, I find myself spending more and more time in the craft room at Bealtaine Cottage…

It’s a warm and cosy room and painting it orange makes it seem even more so…no better place to be on a winter’s day!

missy in the kitchen by the stove
 Melting wax on the kitchen stove to make an abundant supply of Christmas gifts… 

And continuing to enjoy the beautiful colours of a late autumn through the kitchen window as I work…

Bealtaine Cottage wood burning stovethe best things in life are free, so be frugal this Yuletide and make, bake, share!

6 thoughts on “Country Living in Ireland and a Frugal Christmas…

  1. The most precious gift is our time, and a handmade gift, made with love, cannot be bettered. What a beautiful aspect your craft room has – most inspiring!


    • it’s amazing how much I have accumulated in regard to resources and am busy leaving bags of ‘stuff,’ into the local charity shop! All to be recycled, as I am continually getting more and more from well-wishers. A craft room is a great place for working and creating mess as the door can always be quietly shut!


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