Making Elderflower Cordial…Summer in a Bottle!

The Summer harvest has begun in time for the Solstice…Elderflowers are in abundance and the making of Elderflower Cordial captures the energy of the summer solstice in a bottle of sweety goodness!

30 heads of flowers, 4 lemons, boiled spring water, sugar and citric acid to preserve the cordial well into the dark days of midwinter.

It’s a very simple process.

First boil the one and half litres of water you will use, then stir this onto the 1 kilo of sugar and leave to cool.

Then grate the lemons and slice into thick slices.

Add all to the cooled sugar water, along with the Elderflowers.

Stir well.

Add 50g of citric acid and stir again.

Cover and leave to infuse for 48 hours or so, then strain through muslin and bottle in sterilized glass bottles.


Any leftover flowers can be dried in a cool oven and kept in a clean glass jar for making Elderflower tea with during the winter…

This makes a delicious, organic tea!

I love the abundance of summer…

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  1. Thank you for that. I am in London and will look out for the flowers soon. You are an inspiration – we are going to living Ireland and practice permaculture and you give me hope that it can happen !

  2. Oh how I love all your posts. This one is especially fun. Our Elderberries are not quite ready to blossom yet, but you have given me the recipe for something wonderful to enjoy when they do. THANK YOU so much for sharing all the wonderful things you do…so much fun projects to add to my life.
    You are amazing!!!
    Bright Blessings
    jo 😀 😀 😀

  3. Mmmmm…indeed! Cordial, Organic tea, and beautiful leftover flowers. Would wine be a possibilty to complete the sensual delight!

  4. The abundance of summer! I’ve been enjoying the display here, it’s nearly over and now looking at your recipe and the great photos I nee dto go for a walk and collect some flower heads! Perfect

    • What a beautiful blog you have…and those salmon coloured pea flowers are amazing! great slideshow too of your visit to Charlestown. I will take further peaks as I get time!

  5. Thank you so much for your blog! I came accross it quite by accident, that is if you believe in accidents. You have a wonderful blessed life! Please do not underestimate the affect you are having on people’s lives. Your blog and videos bring peace and happiness to many people from all over the world. I live in the central coast of California and live a very hectic life. Every morning before the day starts I check your blog and for videos, for awhile I can leave my world behind and breathe and enjoy nature and your hard work. Thank you so much!

    • Sharleen, you are blessed and awakened to the beauty of the world.
      Someone said something to me yesterday that allowed me to recognise the same consciousness had awakened him…he said, “Infinity does not just go outwards into the universe and beyond, for it also goes inwards…forever!”
      This is indeed, a time of apocalypse, which actually, translated from greek, means, “a lifting of the veil.”
      Isn’t that wonderful?
      So many sacred souls, like you, are “seeing” it.
      Bless you.

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