After the Flood…

The rain has ceased.

The sun has made an appearance and the streams are gushing forth from the hill behind the cottage.

I have just been out and captured the sights and sounds of the water on video.

The stream bed that snakes it’s way through the Fairy dell is brimming with sparkling rainwater.

It’s hurtling along and moving through the Spring Well in the wood.

This usually only happens during the winter months, but Ireland is seeing more and more heavy, monsoon type rains fall during the second half of the summer.

In a land noted for it’s “soft rain,” this is a clear indicator of Climate Change…from whatever cause!

I am not prepared to argue something that is quite tangible and evidential for me!

I am adapting to this and preparing for this downfall each year.

The water barrels are full to the brim and drawing down the afternoon sun.

Happily I live on a hill  and have constructed ponds on the low ground to capture and direct the excess water.

The first pond acts a silt-catcher and I harvest many buckets of wonderful food for the gardens there as the summer ends.

It also provides a huge crop of wild mint…the strongest and purest one can get anywhere on this sacred Earth!

So, rather than moan about the heavy rains and complain of flood, find ways to divert this excess water into useful projects, for that is the permaculture way forward!


Water-cress beds!

In the meantime, here is today’s video…


  1. You are so lucky to have such beautiful land and water … and the privacy to enjoy it!

    • This was a difficult lifestyle choice to make 8 years ago, but the hard work has paid off.
      At the time I bought this very ramshackle place, everyone, without exception, told me I was mad!
      If you look at the original photos you can understand and perhaps even agree with those sentiments.
      The permaculture design has helped nature restore the beauty and goodness.

  2. Interesting, informative, and most of all delightful – to see and hear a natural ‘water feature’.
    Thank you.

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