Life Sounds…

Gentle rain falls from the sky between bright sunshine and winds that swirl the clouds above.

This is a lovely weekend.

 Flowers and seed-heads adorn the interior of the cottage.

Lovage wine is being prepared in the kitchen.

 Today’s video is simply the sounds of a day in late June, 2012, as the heavy rains subside and the sun breaks through. Enjoy!

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12 years Goddess-inspired Permaculture at Bealtaine Cottage, West of Ireland...drop in, power up!

6 thoughts on “Life Sounds…

  1. You are indeed a very lucky lady to be so content in your own skin and to lead the life of your choosing. Enjoyed the calming pics and video.


  2. Enjoyed video and photo images very much. Life sounds…..good and kind and worthwhile, when nature’s gifts are welcomed unconditionally.


  3. Please forgive my obvious ignorance, but what is Lovage, is it an herb? How do you make the wine…is there a past video where you explain how you do it? You are the most industrious person I’ve ever!


    1. Lovage is featured on this blog…somewhere…
      Anyway, it is a herb. It tastes and smells like celery. The wine is a simple one to make and yes, I shall blog it, don’t worry!
      Industrious? Well, I do not have a TV, I don’t drink, I get up early and I do not have a partner…so no distractions, ha! Ha!
      But, I do love my life!


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