The All-Ireland Permaculture Gathering…

I brought lots of flowers and seed heads into the cottage to brighten up the greyness that is July.

Nothing stops the movement towards Lughnasa and the time of spiritual gathering.

The “All Ireland Permaculture Gathering,” takes place near Bealtaine Cottage this year in the town of Strokestown, County Roscommon.

It’s ideally placed, being located in  the near centre of the island.

It happens on the first weekend of Lughnasa.

For more details you can contact Hannah Mole on:

For those wishing to visit Bealtaine Cottage on or around this time, you can get my number from Hannah…I am happy to show visitors around the permaculture smallholding that is Bealtaine Cottage…

Lughnasa is a good time to assess one’s life harvest of wisdom, for the dark evenings of winter are a good time to learn new skills and crafts, to read and share, to think and plan.

It is about preparing the land for winter too, helping to put it asleep, mulching and covering…

We also need to prepare ourselves for the journey through Lughnasa and into Samhain, by ensuring we gather sunlight on ourselves, walk and meditate, enjoying sunrises and sunsets at this mellow time of the year.

Times like today, when the rain seems relentless will give way to sunny mornings and misted evenings, the Lughnasa of the year.

Long walks with Jack and Flo are great excuses to go out and explore new pathways, leaving the dark evenings ahead to navigate the pathways of the soul…


  1. There is a small garden attatched to my forthcoming new abode which I would like to try and cultivate using permaculture (bearing in mind that I know nothing about gardening, but am keen to learn!) Please advise if it is possible to use this method on a small suburban piece of land – which is presently in an uncared for state.

    • I once had a London garden that was tiny and ended up looking immense after permaculture. Small means looking at the vertical space too…that is the secret!

  2. Your indoor cottage and outdoor photos are all so beautiful! It seems so strange to me the concept of the time of Lughnasa here in Texas. We are so heavy with summer and its heat now…it is our hottest time of the year usually, which lasts through August and now September. It used to cool off in Sept. but not any more….it doesnt’ cool much until the end of October. It’s extremely dry here, no rain, and I have to water my plants every day because they consume so much water in the heat and hot drying winds. I think I would love Ireland very much, esp. where you live, with your fruits and harvests and Autumn on the horizon! You are truly blessed!

    • And I think so every day…
      I hope you have plentiful rain…or as the blessing goes, “…May the rain fall soft upon your fields, and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand.”

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