Storms, Cats and Pumpkins

The storm has raged all day.

Wind has tossed garden debris around and every so often the heavens opened casting a deluge of rain upon the cottage.

Thunder has brought Jack and Flo rushing to my side…

Yet, through all of this, Che Mousy has lazily surveyed the scene from the comfort of his executive chair.

Missy has slept the storm away in the tunnel.

I was over there earlier clearing out weeds and harvesting parsley and seeds and she followed me, making camp on the potting table.

In between the showers I have managed a bit more pruning in the upper gardens.

Yes, I know…balanced atop a step ladder in a storm is rather silly, but single-mindedness is an integral part of my nature and has been my driving spur always!

There is an abundance of Pumpkins coming into harvest at the moment, as you can see…this one is growing outside and appears more than happy in the mad Irish weather!

I placed an old log alongside it to create warmth and a suitable micro-climate for growing.

It works!

True to form, the weather brings sunshine too…well, this is the West of Ireland!

I even managed to drink my afternoon tea whilst walking through the gardens!


  1. Ah, what a cool shower would be so welcome today! We are experiencing 102 degrees today (that’s 39 Celsius) and no breeze….ugh! Time to run through the sprinkler again . . . Mmy g-grandfather left Enniskillen in 1852 and went to Yorkshire to work in the woolen mills. No wonder the west of Ireland has such a pull for me!

    Bright blessings to you and all your critters.


    • The heat sounds almost unbearable…how does anyone work in that?
      Enniskillen is a wonderful town…my fav one for shopping as it has lots of small interesting shops that sell everything!
      You would love the west of Ireland…it’s an ancient land full of mountains and lakes.
      Bright Blessings to you, Eric

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