Bringing Light into your Life

Irish cottages are fairly dark houses, designed to be snug and keep in the heat, working well it has to be said…but I love the light, so have judiciously placed mirrors, here, there and everywhere!

This is one near the north window, reflecting light from the west window.

roses at Bealtaine Cottage

A well placed mirror can act like another window in terms of light.

I never turn down the offer of a mirror, even a broken one and have even used bits of mirror in the garden to reflect light onto plants.

Contentment is often found to be lacking in the world today.

So many people want more and more and, as they acquire material goods, become weighted down with the accumulation of such.

Materialism is like the albatross in the poem, “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.”

When the mariner finally looked down upon the creatures in the sea around him and recognized their divinity, the dead Albatross finally fell from his neck…he became one with all life…contentment descended upon him.

To free oneself, it becomes imperative to examine the inner self and one’s values and beliefs.


There is an old saying, a proverb if you like, that I often heard as a young woman growing up in my home town of Omagh.

Bealtaine Cottage 010

Of all we know life to be, three aspects of it will guide your journey: truth, nature and knowledge.

These three things will light the life path and bring you forward, safely and in contentment.

My paternal grandmother had little in terms of money or property, but was immensely wealthy of spirit and generous with all.

Bealtaine Cottage 009

Her own mother was an equally remarkable woman and incredibly attuned to the natural world around her.

She loved the world outside of her little lime-washed cottage and slept in a big, brass bed in the barn, all year round, waking with the birdsong and living a long, contented life.

Happiness, contentment and the recognition of Divinity in all life, were never strangers on her journey.


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  1. I have felt a connection to you from the moment I first saw your blog. Now today reading, I see your Grandmother was a Higgins. Higgins is my Mom’s maiden name. Although I grew up in Nova Scotia, Canada as did my Mom, Dad and both set of grandparents, those before us came from Ireland on 3 sides and 1 side from Scotland. I absolutely love what you have to say about contentment. So very true.

  2. I use that word “contentment” a lot. People ask if you are happy? What does that even mean? I’m grateful and content. if that’s happiness, then I am. I agree. We must be in harmony with everything. I love your window sills, garden art and the flow in your natural space. It feels good. I’ve been set down for a week or two then I’ll be out there and at it again. Making my little corner of the world hum with love.

  3. I needed this post. A dear friend has just been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. A young wife and mother close to my heart. I need to be the most content, light filled, happy person for her and her family to support them. This was inspiring, probably won’t be sleeping in the chicken coop, no barn, but loved your mother for doing so! Mary Anne

    • The name of my great-grandmother who slept in the barn was, like yours, Mary Anne (Higgins)…a mighty woman indeed. I pray your strength guides you to be filled with love and endurance for your friend. You sound like a mighty friend indeed…more power to you! Blessings X

  4. Hi Collette I just wanted to ask what the wire mesh to the side. of the mirror is for ? Keep up the good work I always look forward to your posts

    Derek Banim

    Hi Derek,
    The wire mesh is, in fact, a cake cooler, but like everything else, has mult-purpose…sometimes used for drying glasses on the stove!

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