Frank Lloyd Wright was Right

I have had a love affair with the Irish Cottage for most of my life.

The image in my head of a typical cottage is one of nurture and contentment.

A place that nestles into the landscape…

This was the cottage of my great grandmother, Mary Anne Higgins-Baxter, in Omagh, on the Derry Road.

The gable end faced the road as was the custom.

I carry with me lovely, soft, memories of her beautiful home.

She died before I could get to know her, but her cottage was just filled with her incredible energy and spirit!

This cottage, where birds and bees feel just as at home as humans…there are always lots of small gaps around the roof and walls where insects, bats and birds can over-winter.

Such imperfection is perfect for life…

Surrounded by Nature, freshened by gentle breezes and beckoning one to venture in…

Frank Lloyd Wright once said that, “The good building is not one that hurts the landscape, but one which makes the landscape more beautiful than it was before the building was built.”

Frank Lloyd Wright was right!


  1. As a child growing up in the United States, I thought those lovely cottages only existed in storybooks. What a delight it was to discover otherwise. I still love Bunratty Folk Park with its street filled with cottages from around Ireland. And I have loved Bealtine Cottage since I first discovered it. It is just so cozy and welcoming! So again, thanks for sharing. Patti

    • I am sure I will but winter? In Dublin I am finding things in bloom!
      It’s been mild so far! The winter in Ireland can be very mild!I hope you enjoy your time in Dublin. Afternoon tea at The Shelbourne can be wonderful…full afternoon tea, that is!

      I look forward to your visit next week and hope you like Bealtaine Cottage just as much in the winter!

  2. Here in Wisconsin USA we have had a great loss in our group of a like mind. Patricia Monaghan author of ‘The Book Of Goddesses and Heroines’ and ‘The Red Haired Girl From The Bog’ and more passed threw the vail last night. She was a person that placed a sound threw out her life. I know she had connections there in Ireland. A new star shines in the sky.
    I shall be looking to read her books.
    What better legacy can one leave…

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