Permaculture Living in the West of Ireland

Permaculture is a way of life.

It is the way of life here at Bealtaine Cottage and has been for over eight years now.

Permaculture is about making the most of our resources.

Regardless of where one lives, resources are all around us.

From an old but usable sewing machine to a stove that burns on wood and bakes a cake and heats the radiators and gives lots of hot water and boils the kettle… we are surrounded with abundance if we did but care to look!

The more we plant, the more resources we have.

The more resources we have, the more we can share.

Permaculture helps us to recognize ways of making the most of our resources, like simply insulating all the windows on the north side of my cottage last winter, helped me to make the most of my energy resource.

The simplicity of permaculture is such, that minimizing waste and maximizing potential appear to be one and the same, as one works to compliment the other.

Permaculture is about living in an ecologically sound way, embracing Nature and being able to integrate as much or as little style into that framework as one desires.

We engage in a fully conscious way with the life we attempt to build, ensuring that productivity and care for the environment are together, at the forefront of all planning and living.

In choosing to live this way, we can boast that we leave Mother Earth in a healthier and stronger position than when we first came to live with her!

Is there any other way of living that can say that?



  1. I am surrounded by fences in the city. I have decided to use them like stakes, planting raspberries along them for some structure. My neighbor behind me tried to kill off my nettle by spraying toxins threw the fence. I put up bamboo and willow attached to the chain fence and am slowly planting a evergreen hedge. I have come by some old climbing roses and will add them to one fence on the side for more rose hip yield. This was a shifting of my perception and now I see useful crops I can grow on my fences. Sweet peas, squash and lots more.

    Isn’t it empowering to be able to think in these positive ways…deflecting negativity in a creative and abundant way…the way forward!

  2. Even though I am fairly new to permaculture, only creating my gardens for the past three months now, I can’t believe how it has opened my heart! I can see now it is a gateway to a future world I want to be a part of! Thank you Colette, your blog was in no small part a significant motivator to me. Micki

    I am happy that so many people are seeing the world through this new lens…the future lies therein!

  3. Hi Colette, thanks for your last comment. He pulled up the hedge because he was told by some government department. They will give him a grant if he puts in a stock control fence – ie. Europe is dictating that he must fence in his cows, (with a fence to their specifications) so that they don’t get out and spread TB!!! how crazy is that. ARRGGHHH!! I will do as you say and see if there are any root parts anywhere. Really hoping to get to see you again before the end of the year, if that would be ok?

    Europe=Monoculture Madness…is it any wonder that there are no grants from Europe for people like me? European policy is destroying Ireland on so many different levels!
    As for visiting…you are welcome, of course!

  4. I ‘m not sure how I came across your blog but I am so happy I did.
    The passed few weeks, I have spent some time reading your previous posts and they are beautiful and inspiring.
    I think you have made an amazing transformation of your cottage and land and it is clear to see how Nature is at the forefront.
    I try and live my life in the permaculture way and grow some fruit, veg and also have chickens.
    I als bake my own bread and have a woodburner and live my life as simply as possible.
    I look forward to reading your blog and wish you well.

    Thank you Kayte and welcome to Bealtaine Cottage!
    Life is good as more and more good people like yourself are finding out, exploring permaculture and taking positive action to live more sustainably…more power to you!

  5. Thank you again Colx. When I found your blog I realized that I did practice Permaculture in a fashion but consumerism still had me in its deathly grip. I look back to my parents and grand parents generation now and remember how they lived. They made do with what they had, repurposed things and made them new again, grew most of their food and had a good life. Thank you for reminding us every day that this is the path we all must follow.

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