Quarter of a Million Visitors to Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture

The day has turned stormy.

Winds are gusting high in the winter sky, but, inside the cottage, four thick stone walls and a wood stove ensures warmth and comfort.

The Blackcurrant Pocheen rests on the pantry shelf, ready for the midwinter celebrations.

Like it’s cousin, Sloe Gin, it needs a good long rest before the party!

My visitors, Patti and Bill, from America, have left…on their way to Clare.

Both came to visit Bealtaine Cottage to see for themselves Permaculture in action here in Ireland.

Patti discovered Bealtaine Cottage through this blog and, like many people who make the journey, wanted to touch base with this much loved cottage and land.

It’s always good to meet kindred spirits!

A quarter of a million visits to Bealtaine Cottage have been made on-line.

I would sincerely like to thank everyone of you.

I love to read your comments and, like Patti, welcome you to Ireland from whichever part of the world you visit from.

It’s always a joy to meet followers of Permaculture!

The storm is enveloping the cottage as I write.

The night is drawing in.

I hope each one of you is safe and well and warm.

Bless you all…Colette X


  1. Thank you Colette for all the time you have devoted to inspiring us! I appreciate you and am a little jealous of Patti right now. Maybe one day I can make the trip over the pond, in the mean time I will live vicariously through your blog!


  2. I’ve only recently discovered your blog – truly inspirational. I’m making my way through the archives and am looking forward to reading your future posts. Many Thanks, Mithril

  3. Thank you for a wonderful visit. We will take a bit of Bealtine home with us. It was so lovely to meet you and to chat. Thanks so much. Patti and Bill

  4. I really look forward to reading your blog and I’m not surprised you have so many visitors.
    You have done such a fantastic job on transferring your land and home and it’s really inspirational to see what can be done by having sheer determination and a love for the Earth.
    I visit Ireland most years and it’s such a magical place for me and my family and I re-connect with that every time I read your blog.
    Many thanks x

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