Kandinsky, Stars and Solstice Preparations

Bealtaine Cottage, Midwinter 2012

As the winter moves towards the Solstice and Midwinter festivities grow closer, cleaning and painting the cottage is taking up most of my time.

Doors have been painted, along with window frames and furniture.

Bealtaine Cottage PantryThe thing is, once started, painting just goes on and on, as more things look grubby alongside freshly painted wood!

This is the newly decorated pantry…with a piece of art on the wall by Kandinsky, one of my favourite artists.

Bealtaine Cottage Shower roomThe shower room, (I don’t have a bath), was also given a complete makeover, including some stencilling on the walls.

The stencil was cut out of cardboard for free.

Bealtaine Cottage VerandaThis morning here in the west of Ireland is filled with sun, clear skies and frost.

The weather has been frosty, but mild enough to keep the blooms on the Geraniums.

Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture midwinter 2012It’s the kind of day that should be bottled and sold as perfect Midwinter weather!

I have just started putting out food for the birds, in the form of rolled barley.

Barley grows here in the British Isles, so there is little transportation involved.

Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture midwinter 2012The birds love this and one big sack from the farm store costs less than 10 euros and lasts all winter.

There is plenty of food in the garden, but this is a supplement as many small birds use Bealtaine Cottage as a food stop.


  1. The cottage looks great! Especially the shower room…the blue and white is so crisp, and I love the stars. I know what you mean about painting things…I always end up painting the whole house if I start. My mother used to say, “..if you so much as change a push pin, you have to do the whole house.. ” But freshly painted rooms are so nice… It is worth the effort. Everything looks wonderful. Patti
    I had some leftover paint given to me and it all started from there…it’s fun though!

  2. Do you have a problem with Rodents when you feed the birds? Here on Vancouver Island I have quit feeding as it seems to have attracted too many.
    As I have three resident cats, there appears to be no problem with rodents. I suspect that the cats are a good deterrent and the feeder for the birds is in a cat-proof spot.

  3. Your cottage looks very smart with its ‘newly painted coats!’ To paraphrase the old Irish saying…..may you have health to spend many happy years in it. I too like Kandinsky’s paintings very much and also those of his contemporary, Paul Klee.
    Yes, Christine, there is something quite compelling about the work of both Kandinsky and Klee. This painting business has evolved into a “Forth Bridge,” spectacle, going on and on!

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